Deion Sanders won his first game as Jackson State's head coach on Sunday. However, the win was bittersweet because when he returned to his office after the game his personal belongings were stolen and he was furious about it....

Not too longer after, Jackson State told the media the whole thing was just a big misunderstanding -- and that the items were "misplaced and found."...

Deion clearly needs to get on the same page as the school -- because he says that's complete BS ... and he's got a witness to back him up.

"Whomever putting out the lie that my belongings wasn’t stolen is LYING," Sanders posted on social media.

"My belongings were taken out of a zipped bag in my office and more items were taken as well from my office. We have retrieved them since being reported. My Staff member witnessed the crime."

He added, "A staff member walked in on the theft being committed but she couldn’t fight a dude off."
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Hum...maybe try locking your door to your office? This could prevent this from happening?
Reply11 months
Am I the only person how the frick he won a football game in February?
Reply11 months
Hilarious! Hope he stays with it! But hilarious!
Reply11 months
Prime Crime!
Reply11 months
HBC gonna HBC.
Reply11 months
White privilege at work again.
11 months
"thank god I had on my necklaces (plural)" :pimp:
Reply11 months
Didn’t he have some shite stolen from his truck not too long ago as well?
Reply11 months
Welcome to the unplanned donation club. Your people are welcome!
Reply11 months
No not the Rolex!!! He must have had Top Flight Security of the World
Reply11 months
Welcome to Jackson, MS. What were you expecting?
Reply11 months
HBCU indeed
Reply11 months
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