These Are The 'Smart Rings' NBA Players Will Wear At Disney World To Monitor Coronavirus
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All NBA players will wear a 'smart ring' in Orlando to monitor their health when the season starts back up...
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Per New York Post...

All players and essential staff members will be given the option to wear a diagnostic ring designed by Finland-based tech company, Oura, that resembles a plain wedding band. The ring, which retails for between $299 to $399, contains sensors that track vital statistics like heart rate, respiration rate and body temperature. The data collected from the ring is fed into an algorithm that the venture capital-backed company boasts can predict the onset of coronavirus symptoms up to three days in advance with over 90-percent accuracy (study conducted by Oura Health in conjunction with West Virginia Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute).

The ring’s data will be analyzed by the University of Michigan to create an illness risk index. Participants will have access to their own data, which will not become visible unless that player or staff member’s illness probability score breaches a certain level.

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user avatar
Bustedsack49 months
I'm hoping it's just not for fingers.
user avatar
Hokomojo49 months
I guess melo is finally getting a ring.
user avatar
BobABooey49 months
Drew Brees just bought one for $40 million.
user avatar
FowlGuy49 months
If they can have those and not physicians and other frontline workers then I feel “oppressed”, this is most definitely not equality for all.
user avatar
Rex Feral49 months
Do these take the place of the wedding rings they take off when they're away from their wives?
user avatar
Black n Gold49 months
How will the hookers know who they can extort now?
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