Shaq Hired By Sheriff's Office In Georgia As The Big Community Relations Director
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Shaquille O'Neal has another gig to add to his long list of jobs. He's been hired as The Big Community Relations Director by a sheriff's office in Georgia...

A rep for the Henry County Sheriff's Office confirmed to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Thursday that the NBA legend will be starting the job ASAP.

Goal #1 for the former L.A. Lakers superstar, according to Sheriff’s spokesperson Eric Jackson? Have Shaq help bring the community closer.

"As a part of Sheriff [Reginald] Scandrett’s strategic plan, bridging the gap between the community and law enforcement is paramount,” Jackson told the AJC.

“Coupled with Dr. O’Neal’s philanthropy, Scandrett and Shaq have a specific plan to begin uniting the Henry County community.”

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Dr. O'Neal?
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Maybe he can straighten up the Dominion shite show over in that Yankee State.
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