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ESPN is reporting that free agent Jimmy Butler has been offered a maximum five-year, $90 million contract by the Chicago Bulls on Monday.

The Chicago Bulls offered Jimmy Butler a maximum five-year, $90 million contract Monday, leading the restricted free agent to postpone meetings with several others teams as he decides how many years to re-sign with the Bulls for, sources said.

Jimmy Butler postponed meetings with other teams after the Bulls offered him a max contract Monday, sources said. Jerry Lai/USA TODAY Sports
Butler could do a four-year deal with a player option after three years to capitalize on new salary-cap money. The Bulls also offered him a one-year qualifying offer of $4.5 million, sources said.
Butler avereaged 20.0 points, 5.8 rebounds and 3.3 assists a game with the Bulls last season.
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ya know, I bet Butler is really pissed that Thibs played him sooo much last season. :rollseyes:
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