Outstanding junior linebacker Kendell Beckwith was 1 of 3 LSU players that attended SEC Media Days on Thursday in Hoover, AL.

Here are some quotes and video on what Beckwith had to say:


On what he personally wanted to improve on his game:
“As a player I feel there is always room for improvement, no matter what level you are on. Some things I would like to improve on personally are making sure I am more of a vocal leader because I’m naturally just a quiet guy. I try to lead by example as much as possible but I really have to step into that role where I speak up more and I say more because I’ve become that leader now. I have to do a better job of speaking up.

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Yee yee
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"Beckwith on Chavis & Steele: "Both of them are great men. You really almost can't tell them apart." Said they're almost like brothers. #LSU
6:17 PM - 16 Jul 2015"

Translation: all white men look alike
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"you can't really talk like that 100% of the time......but that's really him".....LOL
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