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Here are some tidbits from 'The Ed Orgeron Radio Show' on Wednesday, November 9th.

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People please: Enough of the Brandon Harris talk. You wanted him 2 years ago and you got him. He didn't cut it! So what's changed? Nothing! He can't process information quickly or he would be in there. Coach O. has confirmed this many times. Etling, though not perfect, gives us the best chance to win. Everyone has a bad game against Bama. Move forward! Geaux Tigers!
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Yeah Chad kelly was terrible everytime he played them.
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Word in Tiger Town is that O felt bad for Miles and Cameron and asked them to call all of the Bama plays on offense which they did. Does he plan to let them call the Arkansas offensive plays?
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Good point FLObserver. However, Kelly is a seasoned SEC veteran who will probably be playing on Sundays. He also has much better pass protection than the Tigers gave Etling. Again, our O-line needs to be bigger, stronger and faster to compete with Bama. Coach O confirmed this on his call in show last night.
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"First of all, we're not going to anything like Ole Miss does." Well that's dumb. If something works, you copy it regardless of who else also does it.
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Regarding doing what Ole Miss does. O is simply saying that they'll do it LSU's way. LSU's spread, LSU's D etc. He wasn't saying we won't do what's necessary to win.
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Coach O: “First of all, we're not going to do ANYTHING Ole Miss does I promise you that.” Well that is unbelievable, stupefying nonsense. We have to do EXACTLY what OM, Herman, Saban, Dabo, Meyer are doing. Chad Kelly: "If we did not go up TEMPO and spread them out we would never score, much less win." OM won 2 of 3 and put 43 pts on ALA with 522 yds and 23 1st dwns in this yr's 48-43 loss, 500 yds/43 pts in last yr's win. ARK put up 473 yds and 30 pts. Common denominators Tempo/Tempo/Tempo, 75-85 plays/game, Spread, RPO and >80% of the Offense is Passing to set up the Option Run. We are 0-3 "running Leonard as much as possible:" 31, & 33 yds the past 2 yrs in 36 atts for less than 2 ypc. against the #1 Rush D in the FBS. Not smart. _________________________________________________________________________ Coach O: "Etling was nervous. Threw the ball in the dirt. He didn't play well. LINK We did not put Harris in because we felt Etling gives us our best chance to win.” You Felt? Feelings, nothing more than feelings? Did you not see Etling had ZERO pts and that 9 of 12 possessions were 3 and outs, w/only 18 yds of Offense in the 2nd Half. The Off only crossed the ALA 40 yd line 1 time THX to a turnover on the ALA 43 before losing 15 yds on a Sk & a Penalty. Etling blew 2 turnovers with favorable field position. LSU is the only team besides Kent State not to score on ALA. ALA had >200 yds & 10 pts in the 2nd Half and had the ball 17.5 of the last 19 min. Our D folded and the O was a big fat ZERO. __________________________________________________________________________ ALA 2015: Harris OTR @ ALA accounted for 81% of the passing and rushing Offense and put up 16 pts with 12 first downs despite 5 sks, 8 QBHs, & multiple 3rd and 10+. LINK
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