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Earlier on Tuesday, it was reported that Jamal Adams had unfollowed the New York Jets on social media and removed "Defensive Back for the New York Jets" from his account bios.

This comes just one day after Adams was benched during Monday Night's 23-3 loss to the Cleveland Browns.

Adams claims he never followed the Jets on social media in the first place but either way it seems like there might be some tension between the former LSU star and defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. Per

"Yeah, I was benched. They benched me. I tried to anticipate a play ... and I anticipated wrong," Adams told WFAN Sports Radio on Tuesday via Manish Mehta. "It happens."

The standout safety had five tackles in the loss, just as he did in a Week 1 defeat against the Bills.

Also on Tuesday, conjecture arose after Adams changed his Twitter bio that previously read "Former LSU All-American - Defensive Back for the New York Jets." to "Let the lord fight your battles. He hasn't lost one yet!"

Speculation has followed regarding his happiness with the Jets, though no inquiries have reportedly been made about his status as an LSU alum. When pressed regarding his wellness with the Jets, he called it "outside noise" and insisted he was "just focused on this team."
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How about stick with your damn assignment and not "anticipate a play" for your own glory. You were benched because you didn't do what you were assigned to do. Once again, the masses only pretend that is what they want to see when a player goes outside his assigned duties and give only lipservice. Another premadonna that will be a cancer for his team. We allow it and so does the NFL. The game is rigged, become a soap opera all for ratings for a dying sport.
Reply27 days
Time for postmadonna to bring her old arse over here and take the wheel.
27 days
He is the best DB they and many teams have! Gregg Williams is a head case and wanted to beat Cleveland, the team who spurred him badly. It did not happen!
Reply27 days
he deserves better than that garbage organization
Reply27 days
A great Tiger one of the hardest hitting DB's we've ever had!
Reply27 days
Does anybody else think it's kinda creepy and weird to analyze every move made on a 25ish year olds social media accounts. I mean, this guy was probably sitting around pressing refresh on his computer every 3 or so minutes. Just very strange to me
Reply27 days
Yes. It’s one of the reasons I don’t watch and follow the NFL like I used to.
27 days
Jamal Adams is one of the only good players the Jets have left. If they are really going to try to go down this road they will be very unhappy in how it ends.
Reply28 days
Profile picture in all the post above still have him in a Jets shirt. Wouldn't he have changed this if there was something to read into?
Reply28 days
He removed LSU too, some people have way to much time on their hands...
Reply28 days
Yep. I also find it comical that he was "benched". He completely dominated that game. I watched him the entire time.
28 days
He admitted he messed up Monday night, u must have missed it Mr Ripley. He jumped a route and got burnt
27 days
No clue how 5 tackles adds up to domination.
27 days
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