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UPDATE: Dave Aranda has turned down Texas A&M and will remain at LSU.

Multiple sources are reporting that Texas A&M will make a serious attempt to hire LSU defensive coordinator Dave Aranda away from Baton Rouge.

According to many reports, Aranda is being offered a substantial amount of money and the freedom to hand pick his own staff.

Aranda is currently college football's highest-paid coordinator with a total pay of $1.8 million. In 2016, Aranda agreed to a new three-year contract to remain with the Tigers and received the title of associate head coach. Per The Advocate:

Aranda already is the highest paid assistant in college football, set to make $1.85 million this year under a contract that runs through the 2019 season. A stipulation in his contract calls for him to pay a buyout of 40 percent of his remaining salary if he were to leave for a non-head coaching position less than 500 miles from LSU's campus. That amount would be about $1.5 million in this case.

LSU officials are aware of A&M's latest pursuit of the most celebrated member of its staff. They expect to meet with the coach at some point soon to discuss finances.
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this is still news.... keep getting the milk men's hopes up. ha ha ha.
Reply12 days
BREAKING NEWS: DC Dave Aranda is staying with LSU. Aranda said no to Texas A&M for the second time as he signed for $2.5 million a year for 4 years. JOB WELL DONE. GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!!!PURPLEREIGN??????????
Reply16 days
We've owned Texas A&M ever since they moved to the SEC we're undefeated against them. Now if we lose DC Dave Aranda to he Aggies the power will shift do anybody here really wants to face an Aranda coached defense home and home every year, HELL NO!!! Whatever it takes to stop DC Dave Aranda from going to an SEC West rival LSU powers that be have to do it we can't afford to go into 2018 with a new OC and a new DC that would be disastrous. Let's face it people since Aranda was hire he has been the best thing to happen to the program in a long time and we can't just lose him to A&M.
Reply16 days
I really like Aranda. Looks like a great nucleus next year for a defense here at LSU. He says he is happy here. By the way both of my kids went to FSU and we all agree Jimbo is a prick
Reply16 days
AnM again after our defense coach scraps. Lil brother steady trying to grab our jock. Damn, find your own defensive coordinator
Reply16 days
I love Aranda, but a DC shouldn’t hold an entire football program hostage. Would suck to lose him, but we would be fine.
Reply16 days
How does rejecting an initial offer but then having an offer that could change the entire landscape of college football coaches salaries mean you are holding lsu hostage? He is not holding anyone hostage, he has a lot on the line too even his family. Once he makes his decision everyone will move on and he deserves some time
16 days
Just saw on SEC network that ATM is expected to sign DA. The Houston Chronicle is reporting this. I don't want him to leave.
Reply16 days
If I was DA I would hold out for a % of the concessions & gate revenue. I'm sure JA wouldn't pony that up.
Reply16 days
F King and JA won’t pay up. Say bye bye. The dark ages are coming
Reply16 days
Won't pay up? He's the highest of asst in america. If you need more than that its just being greedy
16 days
Pay Aranda to stay
Reply16 days
ATM is little brother if SO hard, and it’s really embarrassing at this point. Pony up, Alleva. We must keep him.
Reply16 days
*little brothering SO hard
16 days
He may be the next head coach at LSU regardless of where he coaches next year. Get the 3 mil at A&M, negotiate a no buyout if you leave, return for 5 mil after this debacle is over. Aranda certainly holds all the cards and will get what he wants in a contract.
Reply16 days
As Miles says; Wow, What a game!!
Reply16 days
Fire O hire Aranda
Reply16 days
I am guessing that the longer this drags on, the better the chances are that LSU is countering. So no news is good news, I hope.
Reply16 days
If Aranda isn't pulling a "Miles to Arkansas," it's definitely because he hates working under O. So much for the "da assisants will make Eaux good, baw" bull shite. I'll be shocked if Aranda and Canada aren't replaced by O's good ole boy ghoul buddies. And we'll likely get a side dish of NCAA sanctions after O gets busted tryng to save his career by unleashing an army of bag men.
Reply16 days
And my gut tells me it's a "Miles to Arkansas" play, seeing as how Aranda's AD is the world's worst negotiator.
16 days
the difference here is respect. Don't think DA respects CEO as a head coach. heck - he's way smarter than CEO. At least Jimbo is an offensive genius and i think DA will respect him a lot more.
Reply16 days
Here is where I am nervous. Coach O is only making 3.5 million per year. If Texas A&M offers Aranda 3 million per year it will be hard for us to match that because Aranda would be making nearly what Coach O is making. That is where it get's VERY SCARY!
Reply16 days
And tell mr jumbo to stop trying to bring down LSU. Thanks in advance.
Reply16 days
O doesn’t need any help.
16 days
You're an idiot.
16 days
If Aranda wants to bolt let em.
Reply16 days
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