LSU head coach Les Miles is being linked to the Michigan job.
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Update: Michigan has fired Brady Hoke.

Original Article: Michigan coach Brady Hoke will meet with interim AD Jim Hackett Tuesday, and most believe that the University will announce this afternoon that Hoke will be dismissed as head coach. is reporting that LSU head coach Les Miles could be a possible candidate if the University does in fact fire Hoke, but some in Ann Arbor are unsure about offering the job to Miles. Here is Scott Roussel take on the situation:

It is our understanding from sources at Michigan that there is significant disagreement within the building in Ann Arbor regarding the potential candidacy of Les Miles. Hackett very much considers Les a friend and a candidate he would like to pursue. Others in the department do not believe this is in the best interests of Michigan and fear that Les would publicly acknowledge their interest but ultimately choose to remain at LSU, giving the Michigan search a very public black eye.
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Les is recruiting his azz off. We will be a contender under miles if he stays. He can win one more natty. Give cam time to get his qb's signed and developed. He's a great offensive mind who develops qb's. Lil vanilla but he will get qb's here. That's the difference between us n Bama. Grimes will get oline better(also been a difference). We got a solid veteran staff.
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Wanna compare and save Wal Mart shoppers? Tell you what, 3-4 plays and Bama has 3 losses!!! Good gracious, I don't hear of Saban getting run out of town. Luck plays a part in these games as well as talent, ability and coaching styles. We lost a ton of talent and experience this past year and that is NOT replaced overnight or in several games. So, Miles leaves: WHO is the replacement? Who comes in to recruit and do a better job? Les needs to stay and get the job done. There is nobody out there any better.
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(Kevin Sumlin ($5 million/yr) loses 0-59 to Nick Saban...the year after losing Manziel.
- Nobody calls for him to be fired)

Who said anything about kevin sumlin?
Reply82 months
barbie150, you have no clue as to what I pay, nor do you have any clue as to what you're talking about. But keep up the good fight, "barbie". lol
Reply82 months
Time for a change. Would be excited for a shot at greatness with a coach that adapts to the game.
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Kevin Sumlin ($5 million/yr) loses 0-59 to Nick Saban...the year after losing Manziel.
- Nobody calls for him to be fired

Les Miles ($4.3 million/yr) loses in OT to Nick Saban...the year after losing Mettenberger.
- Many people call for him to be fired

I swear, those who want to fire Les are the same idiots who day trade with their retirement portfolio. The don't understand the amount of stability and sustained success we have had with him at the helm. Him (and his staff, he goes they go) are probably the second best in the nation. Look at Michigan, Texas, Notre Dame, USC, and Florida's failing programs- they would love to have Les and our staff. Stop being spoiled.
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"You all realize he recruits amazing."

Yeah, all of those top-flight QBs he's brought in and developed have been amazing. So is his 1970s passing game with one-WR routes.
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That LSU guy, glad your happy watching people pay this clown $90,000 a week 52 weeks a year for going to Sammich bowls or worse and not knowing who to play and when to play them! When you open up your purse and pay what other big donors pay or what season ticket holders pay, I suggest you go to a flag football chatroom to discuss your opinions!!!!!!
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From what I have seen, replacing a coach at a top tier program is hit and miss at best (i.e. Nebraska, Tennessee, Florida, etc, etc.)....If les were to leave, we would basically be just hoping to find someone that could win as much as he has...

I'll pass...
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If Les does leave for Michigan, which the chance is very low, Cam IMO would be the best replacement. That would allow most of the current staff to remain in place.
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Les Miles is not going to Michigan. This is his last job. He will retire as head coach at LSU. NOT Michigan.
Reply82 months
*isn't a risk in replacing such a coach (regarding my post below).
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If you are in your twenties and grew up with LSU as a 10+ win team on the regular, then I get that you are spoiled by success. But if you are just a little older and remember the 90s, you are a fool to want to get rid of Les.
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I reluctantly agree. No reasonable person can possibly argue that there is a risk to replacing a coach who's been as successful as Miles. And I'd bet a few months pay that the immediate results would be negative (in recruiting, organization, and on-field play). But unlike the last couple of times that I feared he might go, I'm really not sweating this move. If he stays, great. If he goes, fine. 10 years is a good run for any coach in one place.

I still think he's effectively blackballed by a few heavy hitters with close ties to the UM program, so we're probably all just whistling Dixie.
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The legacy of Miles is hard to quantify. It really depends on the expectations. He brings a lot to the coach position and the positive stats can't be denied. But when you watch us struggle with a perennial one dimensional predictable offense and seem to always be "that close" to winning the big games, it's hard not to feel like the wheels are spinning. The offensive remains the biggest problem despite different OCs over the years.
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If he doesnt go this time, he's going to use this for a raise and contract extension! Get ready for ticket prices to go up again for a coach who stands on the sidelines and digs in his ears looking for a new play to run!
Hope you like going to sandwich bowls every year!
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People wanting Les to go right now are so stupid. We are going to first lose players to transfer, then we are going to lose recruits who want to come here partly because of Miles (Dylan Moses for one would be almost on the doorstep of Bama). Then what happens to the assistants and coordinators? Who all go and who all stay?

Lot of risk in him leaving when we pretty much have everything set in place. Usually guys don't make linear moves to programs with worse situations. Especially guys who just got a top level recruiting class, and stand to grab another top level recruiting class next year.
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"LSU will never contend with Miles at the helm. He has peaked and it's time for a change."

Good God man.....some of our fans are so stupid
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quote: Regardless of if you like Les or not, hes not a top 5 coach nor is he the best LSU has ever seen.

who are the top 5 coaches in college football?
and you would really put cmac above miles? with one conference title?
Reply82 months
You all realize he recruits amazing. Why do you want him to go come one now hes the reason we have Fournette so for those who have no idea how the football world works should just take a back seat and shut up honestly.
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