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LSU coach Brian Kelly spoke at SEC Media Days on Monday and was asked a few questions about the quarterback situation heading into the season.

Q. When you took over Notre Dame in 2010, you had a new quarterback, a new offensive line. Notre Dame had some struggles out of the gate in September. Is there anything we can learn from that experience to be LSU undefeated with Mississippi State and Florida State right out of the gate?

BRIAN KELLY: Now that you put it that way, I hope not (smiling).

Certainly we have four quarterbacks. The spring really was for us to lay down our offense. We weren't really going to gear it towards any particular skill set.

I feel much better about the depth in the quarterback situation. Dane was really the only quarterback that had any experience. We're young and inexperienced at that position. I think the depth at the quarterback position is much different. Jayden and certainly Myles bring us obviously starting experience. Garrett obviously for me is an exciting quarterback. Walker is a true freshman, but there's great depth there.

The offensive line is clearly an area that we need to keep our eye on. But I think we've added some really good transfers, and we think we've got some young men that have developed.

I would say that right now I stand in front of you that those similar situations, I like the depth and the opportunity to be much better than 2010.

Q. How do you assess the physical readiness of this team to do what you're planning to implement this season? Are they physically ready from a strength and conditioning standpoint? As far as your quarterback situation, what are you looking at there, Myles Brennan looks ready to go? You have Jayden Daniels. How is the quarterback situation looking this spring?

BRIAN KELLY: Yeah, I think our numbers look pretty good. Our GPS numbers show a fitness that will have us prepared for Florida State. We trained outside all summer. We have two more days this week, then we're off. We finish up our summer program with two more days of training this week, today counting.

Yeah, we're healthy. I think our kids would tell you they feel as good as they've ever felt. Our numbers look really good across the board.

Then as it relates to the quarterbacks, it's similar to what I have said to a number of people that asked about the quarterback situation. We're really going to have to set the offensive structure and its installation to the skill set of the particular players.

Number one, they got to take care of the football. Number two, they have to get the ball to play-makers. I have play-makers on offense that are already in place. They've got to get the ball to the play-makers. Number three, they've got to make plays, that quarterback.

The ultimate decision-making on who that quarterback is, he'll have to hit those three notes. I think all of these guys can do that. We'll have to put them in that position so we can evaluate that.

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