Here are the first ever College Football Playoff rankings.
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The College Football Playoff selection committee released their first initial rankings on Tuesday night and LSU is ranked No. 19.

Here is the Top 25:

1.Mississippi State 7-0
2. Florida State 7- 0
3. Auburn 7-1
4. Ole Miss 7-1

5. Oregon 7-1
6. Alabama 7-1
7. TCU 6-1
8. Michigan State 7-1
9. Kansas State 6-1
10. Notre Dame 6-1
11. Georgia 6-1
12. Arizona 6-1
13. Baylor 6-1
14. Arizona 6-1
15. Nebraska 7-1
16. Ohio State 6-1
17. Utah 6-1
18. Oklahoma 5-2
19. LSU 7-2
20. West Virginia 6-2
21. Clemson 6-2
22. UCLA 6-2
23. East Carolina 6-1
24. Duke 6-1
25. Louisville 6-2
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LSU in SEC West 2 losses and just beat what the think is #4 Ole Miss on the schedule... and OU in Big 10 with 2 losses ranked ahead of us? Give me a break. Concession - only reason why Ole Miss is in the top 4 is because Archie Manning is on the board
Reply78 months
I just want to know how Oklahoma is ahead of us c'mon man
Reply78 months
What a joke
Reply78 months
As mentioned earlier strength of schedule doesn't mean shite. Why play a hard schedule play panzies lose 1 of your tough games on schedule beat more panzies = Oregon or Ohio st and back in top 10. Pure shite show.
Reply78 months
The first Arizona is Arizona. The second Arizona is Arizona St.
Reply78 months
What more should we have expected from the clown on that committee? It will all play out though.
Reply78 months
So I suppose Strength of Schedule means nothing...
Reply78 months
Hahaha wat?
Reply78 months
frick them guys

Reply78 months
Arizona listed twice? 12 and 14?
Reply78 months
Looks like maybe MSU vs. Oregon and FSU vs. a 1-loss SEC team if there are no other major losses (which is only possible if Auburn beats Ole Miss). No problem with that.

Having LSU lower than the polls - and much lower than any major computer system - is ridiculous though. Apparently, they're not as "objective" as we were promised. Surprise!

I'm not just being a homer either, because Alabama should be higher too, even though as long as Auburn beats Ole Miss, they control their own destiny into the top 4.
Reply78 months
Reply78 months
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