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LSU coach Brian Kelly spoke at SEC Media Days on Monday and was asked if was worried about LSU's NIL funds compared to other schools?

Q. It's been documented that the collective of LSU doesn't have as much funds as other schools. How do you overcome that? Have you run into a situation yet where maybe you were out-bid for a player?

BRIAN KELLY: First of all, I don't know that we don't have as many funds. Nobody has given me any kind of documentation that we're behind.

I feel very comfortable, quite honestly, as I stand here talking to you that what we're doing relative to NIL is as competitive as anybody else.

I don't feel like we're being out-bid by anybody. I don't think that's the place of NIL anyway. So if we were being out-bid, then we're going to be out-bid if we have $50 million in our collective.

I don't feel hamstrung by that. I want to continue to educate with NIL. I want to be able to use the resources wisely to help promote name, image and likeness and have that available for our student-athletes when the time comes.
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