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LSU's odds to win the 2024 College Football Playoff are 40-1, according to the Online Sportsbook

2024 CFP Championship
Georgia 3-1
Alabama 4-1
Ohio State 6-1
Michigan 12-1
Notre Dame 14-1
Penn State 18-1
Texas 18-1
Clemson 25-1
TCU 25-1
Utah 28-1
USC 33-1
Kansas State 40-1
LSU 40-1
Oklahoma 40-1
Miami 50-1
Oregon 50-1
Oregon State 50-1
Tennessee 50-1
Texas A&M 50-1
UCLA 50-1
Wisconsin 50-1
Florida State 60-1
NC State 60-1
Washington 66-1
Florida 75-1
Auburn 100-1
Iowa 100-1
Kentucky 100-1
Mississippi State100-1
Missouri 100-1
North Carolina 100-1
Oklahoma State 100-1
Ole Miss 100-1
Purdue 100-1
South Carolina 100-1
Tulane 100-1
Arkansas 150-1
Michigan State 150-1
Illinois 200-1
Indiana 200-1
Minnesota 200-1
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Outside the top 3 I don't think any of those have a shot. If I had to choose though, LSU would be my darkhorse. I think Kelly is one more recruiting class away, but I could see it happening a year sooner.
Reply11 months
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This isnt saying we wont be good. The Big 10 and Big 12 offer an easier path to get there.
Reply11 months
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ND #4?!
Reply11 months
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TCU, TEXAS, ND and K State over LSU? Really??
Reply11 months
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Also Utah and usc
11 months
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Path in Big 12 much easier, thus the bet. Don’t confuse this with rankings grasshopper.
11 months
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That's bulletin board material right there.
Reply11 months
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I’d put $1,000 on them Tigers.
Reply11 months
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LSU may be the best value play on the board.
Reply11 months
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