Some of us need to get out of the house more than others. This dude in Spain falls into the "some of us" category. He dressed up like a dog to go outside and avoid a quarantine fine...


While in Spain in the last 24 hours there were 6,500 new infected and 514 deaths from coronavirus , a man went viral by disguising himself as a dog to go outside without being arrested for violating the quarantine.

In the framework of the pandemic, the countries affected by the spread of Covid-19 have had to take extreme measures such as mandatory, preventive and social isolation in order to control and flatten the contagion curve. However, there are people who do not understand the importance of this measure and use their creativity looking for excuses or alternatives for not complying with it .
Apparently a lot of people are using fake pets to walk as well...

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Maybe trump is right about all the suicides and mental issues this virus stay at home might cause if people don't have a job afterwards
Reply2 months
I want you try that again, but in English.
2 months
Thoughts and prayers to Rex and Maggie.
Reply2 months
Reminds me of people putting mannequins in their cars so they can drive in the HOV lanes.
Reply2 months
Rex moved to Italy? Guess that explains his absence
Reply2 months
So the loons still survive
Reply2 months
Lol!!! That is awesome. Never downplay a person’s ingenuity or insanity.
Reply2 months
Wow. Gotta get out I guess...
Reply2 months
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