This isn't really news, but I found it interesting. Check out the top 17 attendance numbers for spring games this year. SEC still dominates...

Alabama 78,526 (SEC)
Texas 46,000 (Big 12)
Georgia 44,117 (SEC)
Auburn 43,427 (SEC)
Florida State 40,631 (ACC)
Florida 38,000 (SEC)
South Carolina 34,513 (SEC)
LSU 33,000 (SEC)
Clemson 28,000 (ACC)
Michigan 25,000 (Big 10)
Oklahoma 20,000 (Big 12)
Missouri 18,614 (SEC)
Boise State 17,123 (Whatever conference the Broncos are in)
North Carolina 17,000 (ACC)
USC 15,515 (Pac 12)
Louisville 15,000 (Big East)
Miami 10,000 (ACC)
There are more schools and numbers here.
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No way Alabama had 78K.
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I think its kind of sad really. I guess the people in Alabama don't have anything better to do than to come out in droves to watch their team essentially 'practice'. I think its called an unhealthy obsession.
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78k is small potatoes for the Gumps.

They had 92k a few years back.
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Damn Miami had 10K, don't they get about 15K for regular season games? hah
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WE need to push our spring game to late afternoon when it's cooler. 4:30 would be nice
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