Ohio State will not be getting hit by the NCAA with the most severe charges. Investigators found no evidence of failure to properly monitor its football program or any evidence of a lack of institutional control. The NCAA said this in a letter sent Thursday...

"Considering the institution's rules education and monitoring efforts, the enforcement staff did not believe a failure to monitor charge was appropriate in this case,"
Ohio State meets with the NCAA's committee on infractions on Aug. 12.

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There is evidence of the Compliance dept writing Tressel up for violating university policy. So, things like that show that the school's compliance dept didn't just turn a blind eye, which is what the penalty "lack of institutional control" is usually used for.
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as an lsu tiger fan, i don't wish any program to have problems with ncaa. i am curious, as to how tOSU was found not to be in violation of monitoring the program. when the head coach, who is the chief monitor, doesn't report, isn't that a violation?

again, just a question out of curiosity. i don't like to see any program get hit with major sanctions.
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