I never thought this day would come...but the Harlem Globetrotters will no longer be playing long-time opponent The Generals.

“I got a call about a month ago, and they just told me that that was it,” Generals GM John Ferrari told ESPN’s Darren Rovell. “I turned to my wife and just said to her, in disbelief, ‘It’s over.'”
The Generals’ first and only win was in 1971. Since then the Globetrotters have gone on a 44-year winning streak.

“I wasn’t angry, and I’m not angry now,” Ferrari told NBC Sports’ Joe Posnanski. “I want to make that clear. I was definitely surprised and I’m certainly sad. But it’s been a wonderful relationship with the Globetrotters. Red absolutely loved the Globetrotters. I’ve loved the Globetrotters. My wife, Jody, has loved the Globetrotters. There’s no anger. It ended sooner than we thought. But we cherish the memories.”

Maybe they should just play the Sixers every year.
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Its a sad day in the history of fake sports.
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