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[Trouble on the waterfront in Ohio as a couple of fishermen have been accused of cheating to make their catches seem heavier than they were after video proof emerges...

Chase Cominsky and Jake Runyon -- both locals -- were apparently caught stuffing their walleye with weights and other debris ... with things coming to a head on Friday as their fish were being weighed, and then cut open to expose the truth on Lake Erie.
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Pahnew22 months
Someone needs to introduce Coach O's fishing hole to them
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SomeLSUguy22 months
They took our jobs!
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TFH22 months
Do that in Louisiana and you’d be crawfish food
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Sebastian22 months
Should have just stuffed dead fish in them
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TheBiggestBrother22 months
Why did I click on this?
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Blizzard of Chizz22 months
From what I was reading on another video, these guys have pulled in an estimated one million in winnings the past few years and have long been suspected by other fishermen of cheating.
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Ipissexcellence22 months
Using a Cajun Injector and injecting water into the fish is more effective and harder to detect.
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gpttigers22 months
Metal detector could be an easy way solve it. Give em the chair.
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crewdepoo22 months
4:45 mark is where it gets interesting
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HC8722 months
Those guys are lucky they didn't get their arses whooped by those other fishermen. Crazy that people would have the gall to blatantly cheat like that with their livelihood (prize money) and professional/personal reputations on the line.
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Hurricane Mike22 months
Somewhere the NY Yankees are taking notes in an attempt to beat the Astros
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LSURulzSEC22 months
user avatar
Skinny22 months
Theres more drama here then on Desperate Housewives of whatever. Can we film this and get it on a network?
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WhoDatNC22 months
Hilarious and pathetic.
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