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re: Neil Weiner to Be New Head Coach at Dunham - Peaceful monkey
I played for both Howell and Weiner in Zachary and I can say a lot of players didnt really like playing for Weiner. Something about his personality just rubbed a lot of us the wrong way. If dealing with parents was an issue with Mistretta, then it'll definitely be one for Weiner too. But yeah there'...
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re: Houston Bates sighting - Peaceful monkey
[quote]Are we still recruiting his younger brother Master in the 2016 class?[/quote] I'm pretty sure that's who the potential boom for 2016 thread is about....
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re: 3rd Annual Pelicans Talk Lurker Check-In (Lurker Count: 113) - Peaceful monkey
Peaceful monkey, lurk-so-hard university....
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re: Brandon Harris vs Deshone Kizer - Peaceful monkey
Harris. His release is so quick it's insane. Of course Kizer's release is pretty insane too, but not in the good way. Almost reminds me of Tebow's throwing motion....
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re: LSU offer Snoop Dogg's son - Peaceful monkey
I would pay good money to hear a conversation between Les and Snoop....
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re: University High Lab vs Zachary High 2013 Spring Game - Peaceful monkey
Hi guys, I want to start off by saying I'm a longtime lurker, first time poster here. Anyways, here's some of my observations from the scrimmage. Before I get into details about Brumfield, Brossette, and Moses, I want to say that the star of yesterday's spring game was Manny Miles. His accuracy w...
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LSU President Shares His Thoughts On Ed Orgeron After MSU Loss
F. King Alexander is not a fan of the coaching talk on social media.
SEC Head Of Officials Says Penalty That Negated LSU TD Was A Foul
He added that is was "a very tough judgment call."
Ed Orgeron Defends LSU OC Matt Canada During Radio Show
A caller asked about the offensive struggles vs. MSU last week.
Frank Herron's Return Date Is Set
The fifth-year senior DE has been absent for all 3 games this season.
Ed Orgeron: "I Understand The Expectations At LSU"
Orgeron was asked Wednesday if he had a message for the fans.
Paulina Gretzky Back In The Hot Selfie Game
Starring in "Babe On A Plane."