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re: Pettaway and Johnson - auburn2eugene
I will say that I sure wish we would see them both on the field at the same time, but not with Buba playing FB. Have them both as RBs. Make them guess which back will get it and which way the will run. Utilizing them together like that, could help mitigate the fact that opposing defenses dont have t...
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re: The best place kicker in the country - auburn2eugene
[quote]happens to be a dude at Penn State, [/quote] Thats an awfully strange way to spell Auburns Kicker Daniel Carlson...
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re: Auburn won the battle, but did LSU win the war? - auburn2eugene
I doubt it. Even if LSU wins.... I feel there is zero chance JJ pulls the trigger at all, much less this quickly....
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re: Les Miles gone... - auburn2eugene
[quote]We did it Auburn fans![/quote] Is this something to be happy about? They fired him immediately because they feel we suck and he lost to us. Not sure if this is something that I feel too excited about... And Cam Cameron is out also. Thats something. Guess they saw Dupree wide open ...
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re: 247 Article on Hand and the Negative Plays - auburn2eugene
There was a reason PSU was happy to see him go. I heard Christian Hackenberg was pissed Hand didnt leave sooner. ...
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re: what are realistic options at HC? seriously - auburn2eugene
My suggestion... With the players we have on offense, we MUST stay with the same system or it will be an extremely difficult transition. We need to fly to San Fransisco and offer a blank check to Chip Kelly. It wouldn't be impossible to pry him away from the 49ers. Saban and Harbaugh came bac...
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re: Give Bobby Petrino a blank check. - auburn2eugene
[quote]Petrino would still leave us without a defense. He would be an upgrade from Gus but not a longterm fix that is going to win a NC. [/quote] Yeah but before this season, Gus couldn't field a defense either... Anyone CAN field a defense at Auburn. Auburn isn't Arkansas or Louisville. Aub...
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re: Gus talking about 'lack of execution' on offense - auburn2eugene
[quote]Looked like they were plays designed to leave the DE unblocked and we should have stopped running such plays after the first time it didn't work. [/quote] True. That happened first play. But how can you think that works on Garrett? Absurd. Ive never seen such. Ive been a firm CGM supporte...
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re: improvement in receivers - auburn2eugene
[quote]lsu fans have been complaining about drops already[/quote] So you are suggesting CDC "coaches" his WRs to drop passes... SEEMS LEGIT fact is we may not miss DC as far as coaching goes, but we sure as hell will miss him in recruiting. CDC is one of the best when it comes to bringing in t...
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re: At this point, who is our most indispensable player? - auburn2eugene
[quote]I'm curious what the board's thoughts are on who at this point in the season is our most indispensable player?[/quote] I don't think least so far... Easier to give that answer a few games into the schedule....
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re: FoxSports article on Gus and The QB rotation - auburn2eugene
[quote]I feel like Gus is like Mike Martz. The old Rams OC, so good with X's and O's but over thinks himself into a stupor[/quote] I lived in St Louis when Martz was the Super Bowl winning OC. As well as when STL lost the Super Bowl to the stupid@ss Patriots with a little known QB by the name of ...
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re: Burn his redshirt, play Woody - auburn2eugene
I dunno... It didnt work so well with Burns and Fraizer......
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re: Are our QB recruits being coached out of their natural talent? - auburn2eugene
I don't think they are being coached out of their talent. It sure looks like they haven't received a bit of coaching since stepping on campus. [b]THANK YOU LASHLEE[/b] We are severely lacking in the OC/QB Coaching position....
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re: Bama just hired Sark, Auburn should hire Briles - auburn2eugene
I don't know about bringing in Art. But I don't understand why we didn't replace Lashlee with Kendall Briles the second the game was over. Or just hire Kendall as offensive assistant until the season is complete, and replace Lashlee with Kendall. THEN when we have a real OC, if we still put ...
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re: Have our expectations been raised? Are we too quick on the trigger? - auburn2eugene
I get there are more games now... But you guys do realize in the entire history of Auburn football, we have only won 10 games in back to back seasons 1 single time.......
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re: AU Walk-on kicker and now 2nd string WR Will Hastings - auburn2eugene
Yeah... It was to my comment that he replied to with the "waste" comment....
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re: Does everyone remember former QB recruit Kai Locksley? - auburn2eugene
We DID recruit him. We went all in for him. Like SO many other of the top QBs on our board, he went somewhere else. Just like Torrence Gibson...we went all in on him. Thought we had a chance on signing day, slim chance, but a chance nonetheless. What's he doing now? Playing WR for Ohio State....
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re: Clemson Fans Are So Dumb - auburn2eugene
Outside of them, AU women *obliterate* Oregon talent. there we go. Fixed it for ya. Besides the sweet tea, the southern girls are the main things I miss about being on the left coast...
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re: Clemson Fans Are So Dumb - auburn2eugene
I wasn't there for any of those. And I don't know what you guys encountered in the BCS Championship game. However I can tell you from personal experience that Oregon Ducks fans are the absolute worst I've ever seen. I live here in Eugene, and I took my 13 year old (who loves football, but REALLY LOV...
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re: Which would you rather? - auburn2eugene
I truly think Gus will be safe this season regardless. I think if we have a bad season, he will have an out by letting CRL go and bringing in Kendall Briles. Which would help bring in JS. I've seen reports this is in the works, regardless of the outcome of the season. Same person said CRL is now ope...
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