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Favorite team:Auburn 
Number of Posts:137
Registered on:11/29/2012
Online Status:Not Online

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re: Ron Sanders leaking details from the inside - 88TIger
I totally understand the Grimes thing...when it looked like my son was going to deploy to the stan, I had started looking at places I could volunteer to go over there so that he and I could serve together even though we are in different services. Totally understandable especially with the cancer sc...
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re: Mascot school. Aubie's reign continues - 88TIger
Here is his 2015-2016 highlights [link=(]LINK[/link] and everyone knows Aubie is real...silliness by Corso thinking that he could decapitate Aubie for a silly show...Aubie don't care about Corso...Aubie is Aubie...
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re: One more reason why the OA News is trash now - 88TIger
[quote]Makes me wonder if Gus had a lot of say in it[/quote] That is what I was thinking after watching the video afterwards and with the lack of people from the AD there. I can see if other coaches are busy or something but this may have been pushed on CGM, we will see what happens...I am interes...
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re: LT is out - 88TIger
LT leaving may have been planned from the start...we don't know but it may have been in the works since WM left that LT would stay through the bowl game. Unless someone on the inside lets it out we have no way of knowing just speculation and rants by folks who think they are able to see all things....
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re: Need Social Media Help - 88TIger
[quote]Can someone here give me a very brief explanation on how to use Instagram? I have a Facebook account for my business and use it but Facebook sucks for advertising now. I have heard Instagram is better I set up a user account but have no real idea how to get pictures on there or how to nav...
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re: Ross and/or LCT - 88TIger
[img][/img] or maybe [img][/img]don't really care either way......
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re: AUgirl7 rips Malzahn and AD - 88TIger
[quote]Forgive me, but I'm kinda losing track of who we're talking about. Are we mad at the athletic department or the fans for "doing it to themselves?"[/quote] Yes and Yes...
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re: Anyone at the game or get on/near the field? - 88TIger
Auburn has one of the best draining fields in college football...remember that rain we had when WVU came in? The field was ready to play less than an hour after the rain stopped......
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re: Streaming Auburn Overseas - 88TIger
Ensure you are using an ad blocker on your browser. This will help you not click on some of the malware links when streaming...
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re: Anybody going to Lexington for the game? - 88TIger
[quote]I plan on using JAG as a backup plan since I already have military experience. Thanks for the positive words though..... [/quote]Lots of wills and power of attorneys in that future....have fun with that! Throw in a couple of courts martials and you will have some more fun......
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re: 2012 ruined our fan base. - 88TIger
So on Offense we are starting 5 Jrs & Srs the rest are Fr or So....most of these folks haven't played a starting role until this year. We have a new Center and QB both of which have never played that position in college until this year. On Defense we are playing the same 5 Srs & Jrs and the rest...
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re: Rewatched A-Day highlights - 88TIger
[quote]With what defense are we going to beat Dak handily? I think we could eek out a win but at this point I'm hoping we don't get embarrassed again.[/quote]by out scoring them of course!!!That is the only way we can do it unless the D steps up...which I hope for both!...
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re: Insider Notes from PM - 88TIger
He could have meant that he will get some playing time in the game following MS St to see how he handles it...that may be the plan.... but who knows but the coaches... :dunno: ...
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re: Auburn Radio w/ CBS Broadcast - 88TIger
Everything about CBS broadcast is about alabama...usually the trivia questions are about one of the two teams on the field...not yesterday...vern needs to go as he doesn't provide added value but subtracts from Gary...
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re: A message from the other side........... - 88TIger
What little girl did he steal those pink beats from or is he trying to be fashion forward? ...
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re: The Deserted Village - 88TIger
[quote]Like I said, I don't remember which coach it was, or even when/where I heard it, but the evidence presented was that the poem lists off a number of animals, not just the tiger. [/quote] D. M. Balliet played at Princeton, Coached at AU 1893 Forrest M. Hall played at Princeton, Coached at AU...
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re: Kinda OT: So there's a Jeffrey Lee from Auburn on the Ashley Madison list - 88TIger
[quote]they will neuter you in a minute![/quote]and then clean out the bank account not necessarily in that order!...
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re: Hows errbody tonight? - 88TIger
[quote]Got laid off my job last week so out on the [/quote] Sort of the same thing with me...Didn't want to transfer to the Jacksonville office so everyone that didn't want to do it were let go. So hunting for me also. I am willing to travel but didn't want to move to Jacksonville, F...
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re: Clunky border around new video board - 88TIger
[img][/img] Those of you complaining before you see the finished product, put the flames out! :spank:...
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re: monteg is in my heart, dammit................ - 88TIger
[quote]Im convinced the kid is somewhere on the autism/aspergers spectrum. I have a nephew who has this and while a great kid, he can get weird sometimes. At times, very weird. I think Monteg fits this category. Not sure he's any more fricked up than some of the others on the OT and tRant though....
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