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re: Inevitable Coaching Search Thread - 88TIger
Scott Frost but keep our D coaches and let him run the offense and be the head coach. Quick win on all accounts....
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re: It's Saturday night and IM watching the snow fall - 88TIger
Went to a small national park last night that is on the water down here in shorts to see the luminaries and different music stations. It was very warm but a nice evening. Nice night for a walk also as we walked to the park from the house and back....
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re: Someone fill me in on this Mixon situation. - 88TIger
Looks like his anger management classes didn't work...this is from November[link=(http://www.oudaily.com/sports/oklahoma-football-joe-mixon-allegedly-threw-parking-ticket-at-attendant/article_ed5bc1f2-a2c2-11e6-bd74-472d2ef21901.html )]LINK[/link]...
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re: About that second half against MSU... - 88TIger
[quote]I apologize guys, the second half was my fault. My gf wasn't in the room during the first half but was for the whole second half. Also, I ran to get food at halftime and changed shirts before I left but didn't change back when I got home. I've been holding this shame in since Saturday...
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re: StatTiger on AU vs. LSU - 88TIger
We also have to consider that in the first 4 games this year we have played 3 ranked opponents. I don't remember the rankings of the first 4 teams last year but I know at least two weren't ranked. ...
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re: It's Over - 88TIger
I own the blue version...pretty neat shirt in blue at least...Plus a nice subtle War Eagle going down the back......
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re: Where is everybody from? - 88TIger
Currently Reside in Bradenton, FL...
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re: Spring Practice thread - 88TIger
[quote]looks like we have a few holes. wtf is up with downvoting the posting of the depth chart? who pissed in your rice krispies?[/quote]I didn't notice until you pointed it out. Needless to say...cleanup in aisle 3. Tea came out all over my desk... :lol:...
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re: Auburn players in NFL.com's four-round draft - 88TIger
A lot of DBs this season but I think he would be at least a 3rd round guy. He had a good combine plus positive reviews from some scouts......
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re: Peyton Barber at the NFL Draft - 88TIger
[quote] nutritionists and top notch personal trainers would go for in a year?[/quote] don't know about a year but for 6-7 weeks getting ready for the combine it costs from 50-70K depending upon where you go. THat is food, nutritionist, personal training 6 days a week plus housing....
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re: Say Something Nice About Auburn Athletics - 88TIger
[quote]#Softball school [/quote] Second it! ...
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re: Ron Sanders leaking details from the inside - 88TIger
I totally understand the Grimes thing...when it looked like my son was going to deploy to the stan, I had started looking at places I could volunteer to go over there so that he and I could serve together even though we are in different services. Totally understandable especially with the cancer sc...
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re: Mascot school. Aubie's reign continues - 88TIger
Here is his 2015-2016 highlights [link=(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emMnaBEFnyw)]LINK[/link] and everyone knows Aubie is real...silliness by Corso thinking that he could decapitate Aubie for a silly show...Aubie don't care about Corso...Aubie is Aubie...
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re: One more reason why the OA News is trash now - 88TIger
[quote]Makes me wonder if Gus had a lot of say in it[/quote] That is what I was thinking after watching the video afterwards and with the lack of people from the AD there. I can see if other coaches are busy or something but this may have been pushed on CGM, we will see what happens...I am interes...
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re: LT is out - 88TIger
LT leaving may have been planned from the start...we don't know but it may have been in the works since WM left that LT would stay through the bowl game. Unless someone on the inside lets it out we have no way of knowing just speculation and rants by folks who think they are able to see all things....
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re: Need Social Media Help - 88TIger
[quote]Can someone here give me a very brief explanation on how to use Instagram? I have a Facebook account for my business and use it but Facebook sucks for advertising now. I have heard Instagram is better I set up a user account but have no real idea how to get pictures on there or how to nav...
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re: Ross and/or LCT - 88TIger
[img]http://www.dallaspenn.com/pics/albums/album02/kanye_nada1.jpg[/img] or maybe [img]http://cdn.hiphopwired.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Kanye-West-Thumbs-Up.jpg[/img]don't really care either way......
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re: AUgirl7 rips Malzahn and AD - 88TIger
[quote]Forgive me, but I'm kinda losing track of who we're talking about. Are we mad at the athletic department or the fans for "doing it to themselves?"[/quote] Yes and Yes...
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re: Anyone at the game or get on/near the field? - 88TIger
Auburn has one of the best draining fields in college football...remember that rain we had when WVU came in? The field was ready to play less than an hour after the rain stopped......
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re: Streaming Auburn Overseas - 88TIger
Ensure you are using an ad blocker on your browser. This will help you not click on some of the malware links when streaming...
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