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re: Clunky border around new video board - 88TIger
[img][/img] Those of you complaining before you see the finished product, put the flames out! :spank:...
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re: monteg is in my heart, dammit................ - 88TIger
[quote]Im convinced the kid is somewhere on the autism/aspergers spectrum. I have a nephew who has this and while a great kid, he can get weird sometimes. At times, very weird. I think Monteg fits this category. Not sure he's any more fricked up than some of the others on the OT and tRant though....
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re: Scott Fountain and Special Teams - 88TIger
waiting to see what happens this year. New return men, new punter. Hopefully better defense. The better defense can help a return game and better field position....
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re: College Football Dead Period - 88TIger
Find a new job...because in our VP of HR's infinite wisdom, they decided to move all of our positions over to Jacksonville and I am not moving over there's that to keep me busy...hope to find one before two a days!...
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re: Check In Thread - 88TIger
[quote]It was about the size of a golf ball in the roof of my mouth.[/quote]Maybe you should have your significant other try a different angle...that way it won't hit the roof of your mouth anymore! Just messing with ya! Congrats on having it removed and being free from that disease that ...
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re: Good bye Auburn, Hello Rocky Top - 88TIger
[quote]It is a large city[/quote]I have never in my life heard someone call Chattanooga Large! Seriously...San Diego, Atlanta, Tampa, Orlando maybe but the Nooga? And I grew up in TN not far from the Nooga. ...
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re: Save the War Eagle Supper Club - 88TIger
[quote] Forgot you had to get a card for there. [/quote]When I was a student the card (or club member) allowed you to go on Sunday's and drink due to the blue law. The original use of issuing cards was back when my cousin was a student and he was one of the first cards issued....
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re: Duff getting a divorce - 88TIger
[quote]His wife (Amanda) was a client at my wifes practice in Montgomery several years ago. By all account she was a upidy bitch, and that's before Duff was famous.[/quote]Can't believe he still married a or not..still a bammer......
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re: Sunny Golloway hotseat thread - 88TIger
I have mixed feeling about Golloway. I know he has results in the past but am concerned if his style works at Auburn. I hope he turns our program around to when Hal was coaching....say with the technology out now....can we clone Hal's baseball knowledge into a new coach? One that loves AU? If so ...
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re: Gold Jacket Finalist Profile - Kevin Greene - 88TIger
[quote]Piss on him. I'm still waiting on my autograph, Kevin. I was only 10![/quote]Sorry, Had I known I would have gotten you one before he left...of course that would have been kind of creepy! with him being a couple of years older than I was at the time...had lunch with him after he signed with ...
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re: Where did the recruiting thread go for this weekend? - 88TIger
I think the link you are looking for may be here ([link=(]NO MESSAGE[/link])...
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re: Today at Auburn: Student bit by raccoon. - 88TIger
[img][/img]Found Him...This was taken out on the lawn in front of Samford Hall [img][/img]shame that it was taking advantage of a sexual jihad on campus....but then...
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re: We're 2-0 against Wisconsin so far - 88TIger
[quote]How the hell did we beat Wisconsin at hockey? [/quote]It's a Southern Thing...Don't you know we can play any sport? :nana:...
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re: Tre Williams - 88TIger
[quote]Not sure if it's permanent but Toney was moved to. HB during the season.[/quote]That was due to injuries correct?...
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re: Damn this Artis-Payne guy sucks. - 88TIger
His Yards per carry is up there...and he can truck some guys...wanted to feed him the ball more last night instead of the passing game...but I guess the coaches were wanting to see how the receivers were going to do last night in prep for this weeks game......
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re: Kristi Malzahn - 88TIger
[quote]Malzahn daughters are some kind of fine[/quote]Can't decide as this thread needs pics...just sayin...
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re: Regarding Lawson - 88TIger
[quote]It is possible to come back stronger. Hard to say but the biggest problem is [b]scar tissue[/b] in knee injuries.[/quote]True...I had ultra sound treatments to help get rid of mine up under the knee cap...made a world of difference and becoming pain was something that was developed ...
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re: Running Game - 88TIger
[quote]KSU defense is one of a few defenses in the country that can play disciplined enough. They were going to stop the run no matter what & force NMR to win the game. Some of you may disagree but outside of a couple of passes I thought NM threw the ball well. Our receivers shite the bed. If we catc...
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re: Marshall in trouble? - 88TIger
I didn't think Seniors were required to go to study hall....oh and if the soccer player didn't play in the last two games...maybe she is injured. Really caught 10 times? Seriously NTY...dude if you are going to troll have something more plausible.......
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