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Favorite team:Alabama 
Number of Posts:181
Registered on:11/1/2012
Online Status:Not Online

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re: BREAKING: NCAA will not change ineligible receiver downfield rule - BrianFantana
[quote]It means not having the Refs control the results of a game, because certain Coaches or fan bases use certain plays as an excuse for losing. I use the bull shite flag at the end of the LSU-bama game last year. You have a ref looking to throw a flag, which ended up changing the result of the ga...
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: Is Athens really that liberal? - BrianFantana
I worked at Prince Avenue Christian school the other night and was truly shocked how much money was in that place. Is most of that crowd from Oconee or Watkinsville?...
Posted on Off-Topic Board
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The main problem with our team this past season - BrianFantana
Everyone likes to say that Alabama struggles with the "speed and finesse" teams. I personally don't agree with that statement. Think about the game with the Aggies, and even Auburn, we kept throwing haymakers and they couldn't withstand the punishment over 4 quarters. I think the biggest problem...
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re: *** Official Fire Anthony Grant Part Deux *** - BrianFantana
Its crazy how much better we play offensively when were trailing in the game. Our offense grows so stagnant when were ahead that it's mind blowing, but when were behind we push and try to make plays. I just don't understand how as a basketball coach at any level you don't have one or two go to p...
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re: 594 yards. The separation between Coopers record setting receiving yds and 2nd - BrianFantana
[quote]FIFY. That's what Kiffin does: Abuse star talents[/quote] Kiffin designs a few plays to get his star the ball.. but please don't try to act like he's telling Blake to throw it to Amari every play. That's on Blake, and he lived and died by it all year. ...
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re: WTF happened to "make his arse quit!" - BrianFantana
[quote]Hopefully, the team will look back on the OSU game and see how we got manhandled and vow never to let that happen again.[/quote] We've said this for the past two years.. last year it was after the Oklahoma game where we truly got dominated and pushed around. It has to be a change at th...
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re: Landon Collins thank you for everything. - BrianFantana
I would take Cody Prewitt over him any day of the week....
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re: Landon Collins thank you for everything. - BrianFantana
My point exactly.. an unanimous all american safety shouldn't ever be classified as "fine" in coverage. ...
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Landon Collins thank you for everything. - BrianFantana
Landon was one of the best players on our defense this year, and was a unanimous all american. BUT… am I the only one who thought he looked just okay at a lot of times this year? When 15 broke the 50 yard run early last night it was Landon who missed the tackle(This was before he hurt his shoulder)....
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re: Eddie Jackson....tough year - BrianFantana
Because he was supposed to have safety help over the top? lol That's on 23 and not Eddie....
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re: Same old shit - BrianFantana
[quote]eddie jackson looked like shite outside his forced fumble. [/quote] I give him a pass on the one TD where he just fell down.. that stuff happens. The other Td he gave up is on Jabriel Washington. Eddie was supposed to have safety help over the top and Jabriel left him high and dry. ...
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re: Worst playcall of the night - BrianFantana
[quote]I don't understand how a call that results in having an open receiver in the end zone can be construed as a bad call. [/quote] Exactly!! Lane expected Blake to be able to make the right throw. Both Cooper and White were wide open on that play and Blake made a bad throw. It's beyond me why...
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Auburn Fans: Question about Bailey Sharp - BrianFantana
What are y'all hearing about him and how he translates to being in a position to help y'all in the coming years? Watched him play his last game of football upclose last night. Is he a project guy? Or is the feeling that he could help as an underclassmen?...
Posted on SEC Recruiting
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re: Are any good collegiate Refs known by name? - BrianFantana
Teddy V is the only one who is a complete idiot. He's a good official with his play calling, but his antic get him the negative notoriety. The only reason you know the rest is because they are always on the big games. Bitching at the white hat is stupid, bitch at his crew who has the majority of the...
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: Upon Further Review: Ole Miss - BrianFantana
[quote]But yes, Trey has been atrocious in coverage. [/quote] Trey has been atrocious in every aspect of the game. Even on runs he can't get off of blocks. Reggie Ragland has been awesome, an Trey has been very very average....
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re: What Happened To "MTAQ"? - BrianFantana
[quote]The biggest problem is that we continually lose because of special teams[/quote] Not sure if serious Clark.. a lot more than special teams lost this game. ...
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re: I wonder if Adrian Hubbard likes Bama - BrianFantana
I'm personally more concerned that you follow that idiot still. ...
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re: Sloppiest game I've seen under Saban - BrianFantana
I personally don't believe coaching lost us the game, but it didn't help us either. Trey Depriest has no right to play against any spread teams. He just seems lost out there and is always being blocked. Landon killed us today. He missed a few tackles, and not to mention the game winning TD that ...
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re: Thoughts After The Florida Game - BrianFantana
[quote]DePreist looks like he's played himself back into shape. [/quote] I personally didn't see that on Saturday. He still looks slow and can't get off a block. ...
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