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Favorite team:Georgia 
Biography:UGA alum c/o 91
Interests:UGA Football, Upland Game hunting, bass fishing, playing guitar/singing in rock cover bands
Occupation:Aircraft Maintenance Officer, USAF
Number of Posts:371
Registered on:10/27/2012
Online Status:Not Online

Recent Posts

re: OT: Favorite Burrito Chain - Brick67
Seeing Taco Stand on the thread takes me back to when I was a UGA student in the late 80s. What was the name of that place where you could get a grease filled coffee can steak and gravy biscuit in what looked like an old small general store. Brown paper bag would be soaking up the grease and your ...
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re: Valdosta St U thread : Locals keep us posted - Brick67
Beefdawg...You come across as someone I need to talk to soon. Getting ready to transition out of the USAF soon and need to look into some investing opportunities. Been out of the market a while, long story, with no advisors to speak of at the moment (another story). How do I contact you without c...
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re: Valdosta St U thread : Locals keep us posted - Brick67
[quote]an ex-porn star too[/quote] From what I saw in one report she is an ex-Playboy Playmate, not an ex-porn star....
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re: Valdosta St U thread : Locals keep us posted - Brick67
"Adequate research" is relative because ultimately you'd have some other nugget I haven't come across and call me lazy yet again. I know you're well read. I didn't say you're a teacher, but it could be a teaching moment. What I'm saying is, instead of calling me lazy and then naming a case withou...
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re: video: why the dem party is the party of racism - Brick67
Zo is awesome. Has a good rock band called 20lb Sledge too. I've been following him since he was only on Youtube before his PJMedia days. Dude is brilliant. His name is Alfonzo Rachel. Check out his other videos/rants. [link=(]Zonation[/link]...
Posted on Political Talk
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re: Valdosta St U thread : Locals keep us posted - Brick67
You seem to think pretty highly of yourself HRD. It's not a matter of lazy. I have a billion other things taking priority over this to be researching case law. The US Code verbiage was in the original article about the story. Don't assume anything about me until you know me. You have no idea ab...
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re: Valdosta St U thread : Locals keep us posted - Brick67
I too believe it is their right. However, there is one thing everyone commenting either doesn't know or has forgotten. The flag is protected under federal law from desecration. 18 US Code Section 700 describes the act of what the protestors were doing as a crime "technically". I support the cons...
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re: Holy chit... My next project.... - Brick67
It is a JAG Grill: [link=(]MASH HERE[/link]...
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re: OT 17 pound bass caught in coweta county, GA - Brick67
My dad caught a 15-2 in Lake Lanier's Wahoo Creek on a crank bait back in '85....
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re: Break-Out Player(s) in 2015?............ - Brick67
[quote]Lorenzo becomes a guy you dont ever take off the field. Earns all-sec. [/quote] This...very excited to see Zo tearing it up!!!...
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re: I need help, guys - Brick67
[quote]The only thing I can think of is sharing with her what you've shared here[/quote] what Chef said. She needs to hear that you realize your past mistakes and see it clearly now. She needs to hear how you feel about her. Also, we tend to tiptoe around it in some circles but if ...
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DGD...looking to get someone approved to the board--TIA - Brick67
DGD...appreciate if we can expedite approval for Georgia4life. Great guy, all Dawg and knows his Xs and Os. TIA :cheers:...
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re: Strats vs Les Pauls - Brick67
[quote]Totally different sound. They both have their place.[/quote] Exactly is all about the sound/tone you need for the music you play. You can't cover Boston well with a Strat and you can't cover SRV well with a Les Paul....
Posted on Off-Topic Board
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re: best southern rock ever came from norfla - Brick67
Best southern rock was recorded in Muscle Shoals. Perhaps some of the best music ever was recorded in Muscle Shoals....
Posted on Off-Topic Board
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re: SEC East runners up again - Brick67
[quote]Alabama will skullfrick Missouri[/quote] Someone said that about Arky too...just sayin. I believe Bama will handle their business however. All we had to do was at least show up in G-ville! I still wonder WTH happened in JAX. Did the team go out the night before and come in to the game h...
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re: If I were Ted Cruz - Brick67
Partly agree with a few things you've said but I think you need to read the article again. You've misinterpreted or over-interpreted portions of it. [quote]but is that really that big of an issue in this country?[/quote] Yes...see Detroit and several other big union run areas of the country. T...
Posted on Off-Topic Board
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Injuries vs. UK? - Brick67
Any injuries stemming from UK game? Saw some weird potential gimpiness. Never seen so many guys grabbing their crotch since the last Michael Jackson video I saw. Did QH knee the Joystick in his joystick? Did Mitchell herniate something? Did UK sneak bengay into players' cups? Seriously, anyo...
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re: 418 Rushing yards allowed to UF - Brick67
I think the Gurley issue is an impact on the team emotionally--first positively and now negatively. A few guys were passionate but most of the team seemed like they'd lost their puppy. That was NOT the same team that played Mizzou. I think TGIII's rules violations finally negatively impacted the ...
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re: UGA-13 vs UF-31 Game Thread 3q - Brick67
Dawgs playing like something's or someone is in their head. Passion isn't there today like it has been. This is getting hard to watch....
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Jameis Winston Recruiting La'el Collins To Tampa
Teams are starting to push hard for Collins now.
La'el Collins Meets With Dolphins & Former LSU Teammates
This is the second NFL team to meet with Collins this week.
Updated College Baseball Polls: 5/4/15
LSU is 40-8 (16-7 SEC) and went 3-1 last week.
Ex-Auburn WR Sammie Coates Got Engaged To Cutie
And he got drafted in the third round.
Former Bama WR Amari Cooper Looks Thrilled To Be A Raider
Buck up, you're about to be a millionaire.