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Chickins - oledawg
will put 7 to 8 in the box, run stunts to stop the run , make Mason read and beat them with his arm. Bobo better have him working the quick release. FWIW that's what I'd do....
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Any one see Herbie's opinion - oledawg
Way too early to be saying that, especially from a guy who historically slams UGA....
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re: HUMOR! - oledawg
Figured yall need some humor in anticipation of the ANNUAL: we be better than them, who the heck let him on the team couldn't cover his nose if he sneezed, OMG we lost a game the world will end, why can't we beat them 100 to zip, this or that coach needs to be fired, and what the heck were they thin...
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HUMOR! - oledawg
Any one see this? Heard about it today. ROTFLMAO! [link=(]LINK[/link]...
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UF board is in meltdown - oledawg
Muschamp must go. Glad to see Vandy treating the mud lizards badly. :lol: :lol:...
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re: Whats your best GA/FLA Joke.. - oledawg
3 football players were stranded on a desert island, one from UGA, one from Tech, and one from UF. Bottle washes up on the shore and the Georgia player opens it, out pops a genie. Genie says I'll give you guys 3 wishes. Georgia players sez I wish I was back in Athens, boom he's gone. Tech player sez...
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re: CAP this Vols PIC... - oledawg
Hate to see you go Smoke but you're being replaced with the possum. Since we play dead at home and get killed on the road you're just not cuttin it....
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re: NCAA and little Johnny football - oledawg
Trying to follow the saga from up here, it was my understanding that Aj sold the jersey to an individual who did not divulge the fact that he was some sort of agent. I understood that fact came out later. AJ did not have any knowledge according to what I read but then again the media does what the m...
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NCAA and little Johnny football - oledawg
Ok, lets see, AJ Greene sells his jersey to a guy for moolah. Gets held out of how many games? Little Johnny gets paid what, $7200 (according to the media) for signing autographs, and we wait to see how credible the NCAA is on college football players making dough while representing and playing the ...
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re: Uriah Lemay will start at UGA Sunday - oledawg
And Reggie Ball couldn't count to 3....
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re: For a bunch who professed the Dawgrant was so awesome you guys - oledawg
Usually was at the rant this time of year. Long hot summer with no football. Since the kids are not acting up nothing going on....
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re: Wakeup you bunch of rednecks!!! - oledawg
Hey man where u been????...
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re: OT: Average Age of the DawgRant? - oledawg
Buncha pups, 63...
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re: Whew it's cold! Do not leave your pipes exposed tonight! - oledawg
I could send you some snow...only abour 3 inches so far but you're more than welcome to some. heh, heh....Merry ho, ho and a Happy HANGOVER TO ALL THE RED CLAY HOUNDS!...
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Current rankings - oledawg
Hey, I'm an all in guy when it comes to UGA. Live and breath UGA football. Darn glad they are where they are. Have always backed CMR. BUT, I just can't see them being ranked so high. Now wait a minute before you leave the solar system. With focus,execution and intensity swings that rival an emotiona...
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re: Thomas Davis vs. Jarvis Jones - oledawg
For hits Thomas Davis, Greg Blue, and Odell Thurman. For never quitting always and after it, JJ and David Pollack....
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re: Dawgs #6 In BCS Rankings - oledawg
You guys are way ahead of yourselves. First...we need to win next Saturday, and each and every Saturday after that. So with your speculation what ya gonna do if it doesn't work out? Yell fire Richt, I didn't get what I wanted for Christmas. With such an emotional high and effort in the UF game, ...
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re: Ogletree what happened?? - oledawg
Was dominent early, but may have gotten hurt....
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re: dawgs will show up in jax - oledawg
Ok, dawgRush let me repeat myself, "The 1985 Florida Gators entered the contest undefeated, and ranked No. 1 in the nation for the first time in school history. the Bulldogs spoiled Florida's season, defeating the Gators 24–3 with freshmen running backs Keith Henderson and Tim Worley both rushin...
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re: FINALLLLLYY - oledawg
Who was the naysayer was derided me for the 85 win, "they aint #1 anymore"!...
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LSU DT Travonte Valentine Has Been Dismissed From The Team
Valentine did not play in LSU’s final seven games.
LSU Announces Timeline For Mike VII Search
The School will end the tradition of Mike going into Football games.
Report: New LSU OC Matt Canada Receives Three-Year, $1.5 Million A Year Deal
The details of Matt Canada's contract have emerged.
Report: Chidi Okeke Transferring To Eastern Kentucky
Okeke previously announced that he would be transferring back in early December.
Leonard Fournette Signs Endorsement Deal With Under Armour
Fournette wore Under Armour in high school at St. Augustine.