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Registered on:7/8/2012
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re: Need Some Gambling Input - Philip J. Fry
[quote]It seems an improvement over the odds of betting on red or black where it is only 50/50[/quote] That's not how probability works. On a roulette table no bet is a better bet than any other...
Posted on O-T Lounge
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New Wisconsin Highlights - Philip J. Fry
[link=(]Boosie song [/link]...
Posted on Tiger Rant
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Can anyone help me pick my keepers - Philip J. Fry
I have to pick 5 players in my keeper league out of the following 7 in no particular order... Doug Martin Montee Ball Pierre Garcon Lamar Miller Mike Wallace Julian Edelman Colin Kaepernick 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex league ...
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re: ESPN has us 2nd in SEC west, 12% chance to win SEC, Bama/USC to win - Philip J. Fry
[quote]Wisconsin, Auburn and Alabama standing in the way (47 percent chance of losing all three)[/quote] That is a bit out there. For that to be the case that means they give LSU ~22% chance to win each game....
Posted on Tiger Rant
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re: did anyone else notice that we always seem to play an Ivy League team - Philip J. Fry
We always play them the same week because it is the first week of the season they can play. The Ivy league doesn't allow baseball teams to play the first two weeks....
Posted on Tiger Rant
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re: Jimmy Graham might smash Franchise Tag rules - Philip J. Fry
Here is my biased stance on why Graham won't get WR money if tagged. The position you play has noothing to do with where you line up on the field. In 2009 (I think) most of Zach Strief's playing time came in when he was an extra tackle reporting as an eligible receiver, so most of his playing t...
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re: I think Generation X is currently the best generation alive - Philip J. Fry
If there really is something wrong Generation Y (which I personally would argue there is nothing different from any other generation) it is entirely the new age parenting BS popularized by Gen X. Also people have been complaining about how spoiled the following generation is since the industrial...
Posted on O-T Lounge
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re: A thought for improvement of Instant Replay for 2014 - Philip J. Fry
The cameras are owned by the network broadcasting the game. It would be a pain for each week a new crew setting up their end zone cameras and taking them down. Also more mobile cameras make more sense for them financially. Cost less money and they don't really give a damn if every call is correc...
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re: LSU & Iowa eat 5,000 pounds of Outback - Philip J. Fry
If you assume there are 300 people on each team that is still over 8lbs a person. I would bet that is just what they were provided no really what was consumed....
Posted on Tiger Rant
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re: Umpteenth annual "Are any bars open in BR" Xmas Eve thread - Philip J. Fry
Pelican house is open...
Posted on O-T Lounge
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re: Microsoft Word problem (paragraph indentation) - Philip J. Fry
Also CTRL+T on the paragraph you want...
Posted on O-T Lounge
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re: College Football needs to make defensive pass interference a spot foul - Philip J. Fry
I think if you make it a 15 yd penalty it should always be so. Even on a 1 yd crossing pattern. That way both teams can benefit from the difference....
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re: 9 more years + some othe Brees trivia - Philip J. Fry
If he stays long enough he could be a peoples health champion...
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Can't decided if I like this trade. Any Help? - Philip J. Fry
I am in a league with 7 keepers. My keepers are Joe Flacco Doug Martin Rashard Mendenhall Dez Bryant De'sean Jackson Mike Wallace Tony Gonzonlez I have the second pick in the Draft The proposed trade nets me the number fourth overall pick, Colin Kaepernik, and Pierre Garcon. I give up F...
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re: Concussions, not stipends, will be the downfall of the NCAA - Philip J. Fry
The reasonit is a big deal for the NFL is that the NFL may have known the dangers of concussions and hidden them from the players. The NCAA doesn't have the same cloud hanging over it so there is no legal grounds to sue....
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re: Jay Bilas calls out the NCAA's hypocrisy. - Philip J. Fry
Apparently the site isn't owned or operated by the NCAA. Still shows that they oly selectivly enforce at least some of thier rules since other sites have been sent letters to remove the same feature....
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re: MLB ump 'imposes will' on the game? - Philip J. Fry
I saw this explained as that once the ump is informed of the change it is final. A signal to the pin is not considered telling the ump who is coming in, but the ump misinterpreted the rule....
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re: LSU 9 to 1 Odds to Win BCS Title - Philip J. Fry
I got 15 to one at Cesar's Palace in Vegas two weeks ago. Why the sudden jump in odds? ETA - mine was the BCS not the SEC...
Posted on Tiger Rant
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re: Recommended GRE study books - Philip J. Fry
If you are taking it on a computer get a book with the computer practice tests. If you did we'll on the SAT/ACT just do a couple practices tests from the book and brush up on the things you forgot. It came back to me pretty quick....
Posted on O-T Lounge
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