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Favorite team:Missouri 
Location:The Mountain Top
Number of Posts:476
Registered on:6/28/2012
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Recent Posts

re: D. Allen no longer on the team - 50CalMG
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re: Remember when - 50CalMG
[quote]we'll be completely in the clear.[/quote] Mizzou is most definitely NOT in the clear. Just because shite has happened at other schools doesn't negate the mountain of bull shite that happened at ours....
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re: So what have you accomplished by NOT watching Mizzou basketball this year? - 50CalMG
More snow camping and mountain climbing (I live in Washington state). Got a Fitbit and super competitive with my wife/friends to burn more miles every day. (I snowshoed 17 miles yesterday in steep old growth forest.) More guitar playing. I'm really into J.S. Bach on my nylon Taylor guitar (...
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re: Kim Anderson falls to 4-31 against P5 opponents. - 50CalMG
You know those 4 teams that lost to Mizzou feel pretty bad right now. We should single them out. Auburn (2016) LSU (2015) Florida (2015) Auburn (2015) ...
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: SEC printing press is working - 50CalMG
I'd like to see how much alumni donations decreased after the multifaceted debacle that was 2015. I keep receiving emails, letters, and phone calls, urging me to "show my Mizzou stripes" through continued donations. It's not going to happen. I have more deserving charities. ...
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re: Man, this is a dick move by Mike Alden - 50CalMG
I wish someone would mistreat me with $1m/year for essentially rolling the basketball onto the floor. Does KA even run designed plays? I can't tell from watching the games....
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re: Seems Like We Should Care - 50CalMG
[quote]We're we any good, we would care. We're we both good, we would really care.[/quote] Are you sure you went to Mizzou? Learn to write a damn sentence....
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re: Thoughts on the National Championship game - 50CalMG
Well, Clemson's team never went on strike. That's a definite plus for Clemson....
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re: What was your favorite Christmas family tradition when you were a child? - 50CalMG
My dad would make the same jokes about how he killed all the reindeer. My dad was an a-hole....
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re: Pat Ivey out - 50CalMG
[quote]but Justin Smith sure knows the weight room[/quote] This.......
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re: Bill introduced in MO legislature that would void scholarships - 50CalMG
[quote]goose-stepping pinko academic commies[/quote] I think you are mashing at least two contradictory political ideologies into one slur. Which ironically does describe Mizzou politics. ...
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: What bowl was Mizzou supposed to get? - 50CalMG
[quote]I say good on Mizzou for turning it down and letting some B1G or B12 look foolish instead.[/quote] Going to the bowl or not going to the bowl Mizzou still looks foolish either way....
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: Kul Not Coming Back - 50CalMG
I liked the Odom hire under the naive pretense that Kul would therefore be retained. I stand corrected with alarming apprehension. (I still hate the strikers)...
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re: J.R. texted me to say that things have dramatically changed in last 24 hours - 50CalMG
[quote]A source reported that Mack just shot his dog, Blondi, and wrote out his political testament. (something about his assistants being traitors) [/quote] Thanks Literalist. I needed that one. :bow:...
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re: It's Odom check Tavon Ross twitter - 50CalMG
I'm surprised so many people think that Mizzou will have it's choice of candidates. The fricking team went on STRIKE this year. The lunatics are in charge of the asylum. No "good" candidates want to be a part of the Mizzou shite show. Take what you can get (Odom) and hope for the best....
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re: Odom Update - 50CalMG
[quote]BO is still in play[/quote] Barack Obama? That would be an interesting choice....
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re: Missouri turning down a the Independence Bowl - 50CalMG
2015 Missouri Football: The very definition of quitting on so many levels....
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: frick this team, frick this season - 50CalMG
[quote]I hope Ricker and Henson never coach at another school again.[/quote] I hate several other schools where I hope Ricker and Henson coach again....
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re: Exactly the problem. - 50CalMG
[quote]It's fricking mind blowing how bad the playcalling and blocking has been this year.[/quote] Henson and Ricker MUST be FIRED, regardless of who is the next headcoach. And it will still take me several years for all of the strikers to leave the team before I would consider financially supp...
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re: It's your choice - 50CalMG
If I still lived in Missouri... I'd take the Volleyball tickets. But, Men's basketball is also interesting if you think of it as a comedy show. Laughing is good for your health....
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