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Biography:gators, fishing
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re: Unintended affect of "The Pact" lol - reel_gator8
Y'all must know how badly I want to fricking kick the door open in the Rant and make the idiots exposed to their imbecile thoughts. Its a cesspool. All we gotta do is win Saturday night and I expect us to, then Tigah fans be calling for Miles head...then they will turn on whole staff and cry like...
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re: Crazy stat about Spurrier. - reel_gator8
He actually won 7 SEC titles....folks forget his first years team (1990) won it on the field and the SEC took it away for NCAA violation that was never proven under HC Galen Hall. Some of you kids dont even remember Capt Kangaroo, ex Penn State guy in mid 1980s. Title should have never been taken...
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re: Maintain This Week. - reel_gator8
UT is suddenly back on Rant cause they beat UGA...which had the worse string of luck Ive seen. But breaks happen and Im glad that UGA has 2 SEC losses. But UT will crawl back under the fridge after the next loss...They gotta play Bama and UK, which aint no pushover at home. I think UT gets to 7-5...
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re: UF at LSU prediction thread post Grier fricking up - reel_gator8
Rich the LSU board is calling you. Come back Sunday and eat humble will have dirty socks, leftover 2 week old roast, LSU corn nuggets and a turkey neck. Lose by 21? frick that noise....
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re: Treon Harris highlight reel - reel_gator8
Naysayers. Go to LSU board. Remember that Treon played last year with one of the most inconsistent WR corp in the SEC...dropped passes, no one except DRob getting seperation etc etc Now he will benefit from McElwain's offense and the wr play + TE play we didnt have last year. He doesnt need to...
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re: UF at LSU prediction thread post Grier fricking up - reel_gator8
Why the negative nelly vibes? Reverse mojo I hope. Hell yeah we can win. I keep posting this and nobody gets it...they only want to talk offense...but we win or lose with defense as long as offense doesnt committ turnovers. Its simple...our defense is the best in the country...11 man rotation ...
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re: Is Treon Harris good enough to get this thing done? - reel_gator8
[quote]Rich Kotite[/quote] Why dont you tell the Rant? Since you are there posting while we made pact to keep silent....
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re: Who is more mad? Mizzou, OM, Barner or UT fans? - reel_gator8
I wish we could play Ole Miss again and rub their fricking noses in Griers wad. Crybabies....
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Lets Kick Their arse Treon - reel_gator8
You can bet that the team will rally around Treon and thank God we have a QB who is an experienced starting QB. I hate what has happened to Grier and an appeal is in the works but he cant play til appeal is ruled on. I dont feel that much different than yesterday...we have a nasty nasty defense ...
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re: The Grier leap - reel_gator8
UGA got all the bad breaks that UT usually gets...their wr Reggie Davis drops a beautiful pass right in his hands as he approach end zone with UT ahead 38-31. Sony Michel muffed a kick return and that led to quick score for UT...who had been down 21 pts....
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re: Defensive scheme for LSU - reel_gator8
We have 11 DL on scholly who are playing...believe me we will rotate as we have been doing. Since I expect run blitzs the fresh legs are needed. LB? Stop worrying Davis and Morrison play most of the game and are two of our best tacklers....its the DL that has to stop LF...just by penetrating and cau...
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re: Hey LSU and other lurkers from tRant - reel_gator8
[quote]winston318[/quote] [quote] We both run a pro style offense that's based on running the ball. Now I do think that the secondary is the strength of the gator defense but we typically run 75-80% of the time. It should be a great game. [/quote] Mmmmm Winston you are over looking one thing....
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re: Maintain This Week. - reel_gator8
Jeff...not the issue. If they dont wanna, cant stop them but it shows weakness in our unity....
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re: Mizzou gameday thread - reel_gator8
I hope we can get UGA to agree on home unis for both teams like last year....
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re: Mizzou Thoughts & Musings - reel_gator8
Some more thoughts about the game last night. I noticed my homeboy Jordan Sherit # 17 was in the game a lot at DE. He is just starting to grasp everything and look out next year. Taven Bryan played a lot # 93 at DE also...especially in 2nd half...# 54 Khairi Clark also played some at DE and has b...
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re: LSU vs. UF stats comparison - reel_gator8
Its the schedule...AU as we all know sucked whale penis and was the fav pick to win it all. LSU hasnt played anyone with a pulse...till now. We are going to punch that face in and stomp on it with hobnailed boot. Color me not worried....
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re: LSU fan pictures. Post here. - reel_gator8
The guy with shaved chest/belly probably had some rivals balls all over his face a hour after that pic....
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re: Maintain This Week. - reel_gator8
Already we have kids like Finch, Montana, TJ , Rich and a few others ignoring silence. I will give them shite when they post here. Cant stay away from Rant for a week? fricking weak....
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Mizzou Thoughts & Musings - reel_gator8
Ok...heres some of what I noticed...first my liver is so pizzed at me. :angry: We had Ivey play about 55-60% of snaps when we Dillard out at center and inserted Thurman so Ivey could slide into guard position. The best thing I saw was Thomas Holley, our 5 star DL...who played quite a bit afte...
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re: Maintain This Week. - reel_gator8 make you happy and Im all about making folks happy :lol: , Ive changed title of this thread for ya....
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