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Favorite team:Georgia 
Location:North Alabama
Interests:Horses, Fishing, Sex.
Occupation:Retired (My ex says retarded)
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re: QBs down to two. - AlaCowboy
Looks like Eason has the chance between now and Monday to win or lose the starting position. Monday they will begin installing the game plan and the QB will be decided. I think Eason will start....
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re: my Paw Paw is going to pass away today - AlaCowboy
Always remember the things he taught you and he'll never leave your heart. My grandpa died in 1979 at age 96 and I still remember his love and miss him. But I cherish the memories and am grateful for knowing him....
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re: With a new coach, can we enjoy ourselves again? - AlaCowboy
[quote] Richt braught us consist wins every year and it was awesome...and he didn't lose the big ones over his career as much as you all think. [/quote] I agree. But losing games we should have won - Boise State, Florida many years, UT, Oklahoma State - and the 2 embarrassing losses to Bama were ...
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re: Best website ever - AlaCowboy I've used this site for the last few years. ...
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re: 13 days away: What does our starting lineup look like for UNC? - AlaCowboy
I think Herrian and ROWK will get plenty of snaps this week. They're being too quiet about Holyfield. My daughters friend in the AD's office said the Dome Of Silence has descended....
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re: Big opportunity for the golden boy in today's scrimmage - AlaCowboy
[quote]Let's slow down there, he didn't do anything to win us games last year, he just tried his best not to lose us the game and prayed the defense would bail him out.[/quote] Lambert did exactly what the OC and HC asked of him. He called the plays sent in from the OC. Blame THEM for the crappy ...
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Taxslayer Bowl - AlaCowboy
Watching the game on SEC Network. So good to stick it to the a-hole Franklin one more time. As much fun as watching Grantham chew his arse a few years ago....
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re: Saturday Scrimmage - AlaCowboy
17 days till opening kickoff. This week and next will be for setting the starting lineup. This scrimmage will likely determine who the coaches think will do the job, and the last 2 weeks will be working on the opening game plan. I think this is THE weekend to make first team....
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Saturday Scrimmage - AlaCowboy
Eason might play himself into the starting role or the #2 slot Saturday. He has been practicing with the #1 offense this week and will start the scrimmage with them. Tyler Catalina has been with the #1s the last 4 practices as well. Maybe he has finally made that move up we hoped for....
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re: Roll call, who is going to the UNC game? - AlaCowboy
We're coming to town on Wednesday and staying at daughters in Roswell area. Several of the regular game day crowd will be in for the game. Lunches with the group and dinners with the daughter and family....
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re: Malcolm Mitchell apparantly dislocated his elbow - AlaCowboy
MM is a perfect fit for the Patriots offense. They have enough receivers that they can use him and others without overworking them and keep them fresh....
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re: Mauger's foot injury - AlaCowboy
I think Mauger practiced full speed Monday....
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re: Ole Miss game - AlaCowboy
If you are single (or pretending to be) get there on Wednesday or Thursday and check out the ladies. As good as Georgia and usually friendly....
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re: Hershel Walker - NFL? - AlaCowboy
I could only see him as a blocking back or backup H-back who could go out for a flare pass or block on run plays. Doubt he could play more than a series without needing to rest the legs....
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re: OT Is it normal for Floridans to invade tourist locations - AlaCowboy
[quote]Im with Whiz. Confused what your point is.[/quote] Maybe he's pissed because the blue hairs beat him to the buffet bar at Shoneys and got all the red jello....
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re: Anyone here live in Montana? - AlaCowboy If you have a few thousand acres and some horses I'll come out and ride fence with you next summer....
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re: FYI, it's Georgia day on ESPN Classic - AlaCowboy
Yep. I took my brother the Bama fan to that game. Ragged him all year after it....
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re: Georgia Football in 60 on ESPN Network right now - AlaCowboy
Must be running those highlights in Super Slo Mo. I watched the 2015 Vandy game last week and even a 31-14 win looked depressing. So many bad plays and errors on our team....
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re: Kimbrough - AlaCowboy
Smart said they would move some guys down and see how they react. Guess we know how Kimbrough reacted....
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