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Favorite team:Georgia 
Location:North Alabama
Interests:Horses, Fishing, Sex.
Occupation:Retired (My ex says retarded)
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Registered on:12/5/2011
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Recent Posts

re: Rumors Abound - AlaCowboy
[quote]Basing such an important decision on the result of one game is as moronic as flipping a coin. For years those in the know have been saying that McGarity is the drag on the program. Why would anyone want McGarity to determine Bulldog future?[/quote] I would assume any decision would not b...
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re: Rumors Abound - AlaCowboy
I still have friends in the Bulldog Club and the Alumni Association and they and I have heard nothing from McGarity in support of Richt. I could draw a conclusion from that that Richt will likely be gone if we lose the Tech game....
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re: Will Richt/Schotty mismanage Eason? - AlaCowboy
[quote] Eason has pretty much anything you could possibly want in a pro-style QB[/quote] This might be true, but until he takes snaps against a defense the quality of Bama or Florida, or even Mizzou, no one knows whether we have a Stafford or Murray, or a Lambert. It will likely take about 1 1...
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re: I was wondering if Yall might help a Fellow... - AlaCowboy
You want someone to give them to you? post your last 5 years 1040s and your last 6 months paystubs. ...
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re: Let's talk realistic scenarios... - AlaCowboy
$15M buyout, I heard....
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re: haven't seen any discussion on the GSU's HC's brainfart decision in the OT - AlaCowboy
I agree that he felt in the OT his defense was out of gas. But I think he should have gone for it at the end of the 4th quarter. I doubt we could have moved into FG range at that point. ...
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re: I watched the O line - AlaCowboy
The players on this OL that were here last season didn't suddenly lose their ability to block. The line coach is to blame for changing the blocking scheme we used for years. Pulling guards have nearly disappeared from our offense, and that's what opens holes for inside runs. We should offed Friend...
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re: Ganus will be missed - AlaCowboy
He's the epitome of a DGD. Wish we had recruited him 4 years ago. But, Richt would have made him a TE. 6 catches a season....
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re: A win is still a win - AlaCowboy
[quote]Name a lower point in the last 86 years......[/quote] UCF 10 UGa 6 2010 Liberty Bowl When I saw our offense in the 4th quarter sitting on the sidelines laughing and joking while the defense tried to give them another shot at a score I was so pissed I knew this coach could never take Ge...
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re: Game Thread: UGA 23 - GSU 17 [FINAL] - AlaCowboy
Well, at least we did what the Lizards couldn't do. Beat the Iggles....
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re: Pruitt Longevity - AlaCowboy
[quote]Also, this bored is unreadable...[/quote] But you read it. See how stupid you are?...
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re: Pruitt Longevity - AlaCowboy
Few are chasing the coeds and ruining their marriage. There was a reason he was anxious to leave....
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Pruitt Longevity - AlaCowboy
If Pruitt isn't offered an HC job this year, then I think next year will be the year he gets one. Based on the current crop of DCs at mid-major schools, who should we be looking at in a year? I say mid-major because few DCs at top power 5 schools will make a lateral move. Happy now?...
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re: No wins against a winning team - AlaCowboy
No losses to a team with a losing record....
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re: Bret Bielema....... - AlaCowboy
He just hired a Vegas hooker full time....
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re: In-Game Thread - AlaCowboy
We need to offer Friend a ton of money and asst. HC title to come home....
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re: In-Game Thread - AlaCowboy
Hunker down just one more time... ...
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re: I'm not hearing too much anymore....... - AlaCowboy
[quote]Apathy has set in[/quote] Well, I'm not apathetic. I just don't give a shite anymore....
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re: Anybody got extra tix to the GASO game? - AlaCowboy
Tell her to join the Boys/Girls Clubs of Athens. I sent them my 4 tix, and I know several others that sent more. They probably will have 200 or so by game time....
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re: Perspective on schotty - AlaCowboy
We could run tight end and slot screens. We could throw quick outs and hope to break one down the sidelines. We could run outside the tackles instead of inside all the time. Play-action doesn't work if passing isn't in the play....
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