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Favorite team:Alabama 
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Registered on:8/7/2011
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re: Track & Field Update(MH looking Good) - Remy74
[quote]Some will argue coming out of the blocks nets a faster start than from a slow jog waiting for a handoff. Not to mention out of the four MH was not training all year for track. Both Brown and Hump have been doing really well in sprints but yet have a higher ceiling in hurdles, their specia...
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re: TJ Yeldon - Remy74
Arian Foster isn't elite at any 1 particular aspect in terms of being a RB but he's put up good numbers for several years....
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re: 3* RB Rocky Reid has decommitted from VOLS - Remy74
[quote]We're gonna land Bryce Love imo. AK/Bussey/Love is a hell of a haul.[/quote] Love will likely come down to Stanford or Tennessee. Close call as Love is a 4.5 gpa student taking advanced placement courses. Kid also ran "4.30" electronic SPARQ 40 yard dash and displays it on the field. Lot...
Posted on SEC Recruiting
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re: Cooper vs Julio : who do you take if you could only have 1 - Remy74
Makes no sense to include what Julio has done in the pros when making this decision.....given that Amari has not yet had the opportunity to show what he can do in the pros. Based on what each displayed at Alabama.......Amari Cooper would be my selection. ...
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re: Kenyan Drake as a return man next year? - Remy74
I'd go Cyrus Jones or ArDarius Stewart...perhaps Bradley Sylve on KO returns. Chris Black would be a solid option on punt returns. Speed guys- KO return Shifty guys- Punt return Maybe it's just me but I think Marlon Humphrey is/was a bit overrated. He has elite straight-line speed but he...
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re: Ragland finalist for Butkus. - Remy74
Ragland was a semifinalist for the award but he is not 1 of the 5 finalist. [link=(]2014 Butkus Award Finalists Announced[/link]...
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re: Jones>Henry - Remy74
Let's not get ahead of ourselves Jones and Henry bring different attributes to the table. I will say this........Drake, Henry, and Jones are 3 different types of RBs and probably the "paradigm" on how you should recruit the RB position in order to have players that complement each o...
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re: Derrick Henry a bust? - Remy74
Henry needs to work his lower body to strengthen his posterior chain (glutes and hamstrings). He's 1 of the few top RBs that doesn't have a muscular posterior chain.....and this is why he lacks elite burst and power in terms of the inside running game. He has the ability but needs to realize t...
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re: Predict the RB depth chart next year - Remy74
Assuming everyone takes care of business off the field during the offseason. -Henry and Jones will be the traditional 1-2 RB punch -Drake will be used in an All-Purpose role....more like a Percy Harvin in college. Similar to how he was used this year but with more touches. ...
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re: ArDarius Stewart > Chris Jones - Remy74
Stewart is an explosive athlete, Alabama 2A State Champ in the 100m and 200m dashes in 2013. Times in both events are comparable to the times of Kenyan Drake in high school. Drake 100m PR- 10.83 200m PR- 21.91 Stewart 100m PR-10.83 200m PR- 22.01 Stewart was also the Alabama 2A State ...
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re: How Does Andre Ware Have a Job? - Remy74
[quote]Okay yeah you guys aren't ready for a black qb Sims is clearly the guy but it's like you guys are holding out for Coker.[/quote] ^^^This...
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: Which RB would you rather have? - Remy74
Not enough data to draw a conclusion: -Need opponent(s) -Quality of OLine -Need more carries (ie. flip a coin 10 times you might get 9 heads and 1 tail......flip the coin 10,000 times you will NOT get 9,000 heads and 1,000 tails. Larger sample = more likely the true outcome/quality of the RB o...
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: Could a two quarterback system be our best chance at success? - Remy74
The Sims pass to Christion Jones that was dropped: [link=(]Pass to Jones[/link] Thrown from: Bama 33-34 Jones drop: WV 8-9 Pass in air: 57-59 yards If Jones not there and ball landed: add 1-2 yards= 58-61 yards in air IF you really want to ...
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re: Blake Sims leads the nation in completion % vs FBS teams - Remy74
He's currently at 10.1 yards per pass attempt. That would have led the entire nation several of the past few years. Obviously, he's only played 2 games but given this 10.1 yards per attempt number and the fact that Kiffen has essentially implemented a West Coast Offense (which is designed to spr...
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re: Alabama Class of 2014 Recruiting MEGATHREAD (Goodnight sweet Prince) - Remy74
[quote]unless we have a scat back type play I don't see where he fits in. He is the smallest of the 4 who signed last year.[/quote] You talking about Kamara or Tyren? Kamara is 5'10", 195 Tyren is 5'9", 215 (approximately same size as Mark Ingram, Doug Martin & Ray Rice). Pretty sure Tyr...
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re: Home alone and bored and since it is an off week I am going to treat like a - Remy74
Definitely possible that Tyren and Kamara may transfer but hoping they both stick around. Kamara- suffered a meniscus injury in camp and had to have surgery. He was back close to 100% within 4 weeks of the procedure but that ended his chance to contribute this year. Tyren- is 5'9", 215 and pr...
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re: Tyren Jones amazing run!! Help!! - Remy74
@CrimsonFlounder.....he and Kamara played in Georgia's largest class.....which is deemed by many as the best/toughest classification in the nation. 15 different teams (ie. Grayson, Lowndes, Valdosta, Camden County, Colquitt County, North Gwinnett, etc) in the class were ranked in the Rivals Top 100 ...
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re: Tyren Jones amazing run!! Help!! - Remy74
@Taylormade....... Think he had around 255-260 yards on 22 carries and 3 TDs that game. Sad thing is they called 3 TDs back on penalties including a 80+ yarder. Otherwise, he runs for 400-410 yards on 25 carries and 6'TDs....and he didn't play in the 4 qtr. That was 2011/Junior Year when he was a...
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re: Tyren Jones amazing run!! Help!! - Remy74
[link=(]Tyren Jones Ultimate Highlights[/link]...
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re: Tyren Jones amazing run!! Help!! - Remy74
-Was it the run where he runs to the right and spins off 1-2 tackles, cuts down the right sideline then to the middle of the field? 6:32 mark of below video -Runs like a power play over the right tackle, breaks through to 2nd level and gets hit by 3-4 guys at the same time and keeps going for TD?...
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