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re: For the "Let's throw Harris to the wolves and see what he can do" crowd.... - Gregoire
Here's the problem as I see it: they know that Harris is the long-term solution at QB. Jennings has had an extra year in the system, so they feel more comfortable with him. The problem is not this year. I think that everyone felt like the team wasn't in a situation to compete for a national title...
Posted on Tiger Rant
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re: The Decline...Hope everyone is excited that Miles can't recruit anymore. - Gregoire
[quote]LSU better get busy recruiting some ol cause your 5 star RB's will get tired of getting hit in the backfield.[/quote] A&M's defense hits with the force of dry leaves on a windy day....
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: Why Malzahn will never win a championship at Auburn as head coach - Gregoire
Problem is that now with two spread offenses in the West, teams are going to recruit and gameplan against it. Bama usually gets huge, fast guys. LSU gets quick, rangy guys. There's a reason one of them won by double digits against both spread offenses this season, and it's the same reason LSU...
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: Do you still consider Brees an elite QB? - Gregoire
The guy has been either first or second in the league in yards and TDs for 3 consecutive years. This is despite the fact that their defense has largely sucked during that period, and that their wide receivers would get pulled over by the cops for going too slow. Give him the receiving corps that M...
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re: How do teams get compensatory draft pics? - Gregoire
Essentially by drafting well. Teams get compensatory picks when they lose more players to other teams than they sign to their own... with some sort of differential in there to compare the size of contracts. While most Saints fans point to our success in later draft rounds and undrafted free agents...
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re: Arkansas-I Know You Like Charlie Strong But What About Kirby Smart? - Gregoire
Most of these coaches would be better served by going to a smaller school and learning how to be a head coach before blowing their one shot early in the SEC....
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: Carolina Improves Running Game - Signs Mike Tolbert - Gregoire
Because when I think of the problems the Panthers have, it's at RB. What is wrong with those people?...
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re: Saints bringing in DT Brodrick Bunkley for a visit. - Gregoire
I'll take it. Get our important positions locked up. Bunkley + Hawthorne + Lofton = instant upgrade on defense, even without considering the change at coordinator....
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re: Does Drew's bitching affect your opinion of him? - Gregoire
[quote]2. You believe that a pro team can exist with a socialist attitude - even the superstars on the team - all for the greater good of the salary cap. [/quote] Find me an NFL team with a player whose salary ate up at least 1/6 of its overall salary structure, which has ever won a Superbowl. Y...
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re: Does Drew's bitching affect your opinion of him? - Gregoire
If he turned down 18 million a year, then he's being unreasonable. He went on the radio right after the playoff game and claimed that he was going to have a contract negotiated that allowed for the team to have flexibility in free agency, then turned around and demanded 5 million a year more than t...
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re: Interesting WSJ analysis of recruiting - Gregoire
Most 5 stars are physical freaks. Freaks normally get by in high school because their talent level is so ridiculous that they don't have to worry about technique. They also are not used to being criticized, and most don't take coaching well. The further you go up the ladder, the more you have to ...
Posted on Tiger Rant
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re: "Some of the players don't seem that happy down there" - Torshiro Davis - Gregoire
Yeah, buddy, when I think of Urban Meyer, I think the reason that he quit was because he managed to lose his final game to Saban. I'm sure that one loss after 2 national titles in 3 years made him decide to quit coaching....
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re: Jontrey Tillman (St. Mary HS) not admitted to Stanford - Gregoire
Stanford has extremely strict admissions requirements and they do not make exceptions for athletes. The boosters do not run that place, billionaire business leaders do....
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re: There is no pity in a LSU Tigers DNA...Get over it ranters - Gregoire
Re: bopper50 - We're so blessed to have you here to guide us with your sensible outlook on life. As such, I vote that rename the Tiger Rant to the Tiger Genteel Gathering of Rational Thought....
Posted on Tiger Rant
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re: Kiper's top 5s seniors in nation- SEC Players making list. - Gregoire
The list is for seniors, not for overall ranking at position. In other words, most of these guys are not that great, because if they were they'd already have decided to go pro....
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: Departing players leaving on semi-bad terms - Gregoire
Most people would not have a problem with a prepared team trying and failing. LSU's coaches were not close to being prepared, and everyone in the country saw as much. The jokes being spread around on other message boards about LSU have absolutely nothing to do with LSU's fanbase. They are entir...
Posted on Tiger Rant
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re: Why is Kevin Ford still part of the radio broadcast? - Gregoire
Probably waiting on Hawthorne to retire and willing to work for cheap. ...
Posted on Tiger Rant
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re: LSU OC Status? - Gregoire
The offense was terrible, and only part of it had to do with QB play. Playcalling and offensive philosophy is a major negative with this team. There's no reason that a team with the kind of talent that they have should be scoring 38ppg, especially when you consider defensive and special team scori...
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re: "Les Miles doesn't owe you anything..." - Time to grow up kid, because he does. - Gregoire
Most fans ARE reasonable and could have tolerated a loss to Bama. What they can't tolerate is why, beyond all logic and reason, Miles went into that game with the plan that he had and then continued to stick to it even though it never worked. They fans didn't deserve it, and the players sure as ...
Posted on Tiger Rant
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re: Baton Rouge DA / Bham Defense Attorney / Fbaum comment on LSU fan assault - Gregoire
Trying to correlate the crime rate in New Orleans with the party scene in the city is a feat of dumbassery. Most of the crime in New Orleans has NOTHING to do with Bourbon Street or the French Quarter. It's not even tangentially associated with them....
Posted on SEC Rant
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