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re: Vintage Air Travel Photos - lsewwww
[quote] 9/11 changed our world. Thanks Obama! Bush enacted the post-9/11 expansion of government.[/quote] Its commonly accepted airline travel began going to hell after deregulation (Carter and kinda Reagan with the controllers)
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re: Vintage Air Travel Photos - lsewwww
Maybe I misunderstood what you meant; while the 747 was revolutionary b/c of its capacity, the 707 is generally considered the jet that made the world much smaller. For example, it was Air Force One for 10 years after the 747 had been available....
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re: CJ 7 mechanic needed - lsewwww
While vacuum leaks are common with that monstrosity of an intake, could also be a mis-adjusted choke if its cold starts giving you trouble. Porosu casting in the carb leaking fuel overnight is on the list too. Rochester Q-jets were notorious for that, but anything cast in aluminum can do it...
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re: Bo Jackson patiently explains who he is to a tennager. - lsewwww
As said, he shared the running duty with Marcus Allen. I vividly remember the playoff game against the bengals where his hip basically came out its socket, ending his career in both sports His performance in the 1990 MLB All Star game was pretty impressive. He seems like a good guy too, enjoying ...
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re: Help Planning Grand Canyon Overnight Camping Trip - lsewwww
Only thing I would say is that hike OUT of the canyon will not be fun. I did it in late march of 96 and was 21 years old and in awesome shape with perfect weather. Halfway up, one of my hiking buddies who was strong as a bear normally pretty much gave up. My 160 lb self had to carry his pack and ...
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re: Should I be doing anything else for my car? - lsewwww
Biggest thing with a turbo is using good oil- like synthetic of a major brand- not redline or royal purple crap. Those things get hot and dino oil starts coking up, especially in a southern climate. Speaking from experience with the cummins and JDs on the farm and all those mid 80s Chrysler turb...
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re: Patriots place franchise tag on their kicker. - lsewwww
If he is so frickin important , maybe they should have let him kick that 49 yd field goal against the giants in the first super bowl against them. Radio up in Boston is saying Revis is as good as gone. I expect the Patriots to go cheap (again), and Revis will walk, who knows what McCourty does ...
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re: Looking to get this truck. Anyone has experience with a Ram 1500? - lsewwww
As has been said already multiple times, the tranny issues were related to the a-518/46rh which had marginal lube to the overdrive- any severe heat smoked that and then the debris ruined the rest. [i] That was more than 10 years ago[/i], from 1990 thru 2002 or so depending on engine- the only thing ...
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re: list your favorite underrated movies of all time - lsewwww
The mechanic (1972) Bronson seems natural, not as much as in the dirty dozen, but not forced and 70s cheesy like in the Death wish movies. Even Jan Michael Vincent turns in a good performance. And a solid story line. ...
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re: USAA Insurance - lsewwww
My dad has had it since 65 and I've had it since 97. My sister just switched b/c it was cheaper than her other, whatever that was. Never had an issue, no funny business at all. They also have banking services and best price car buying services which makes it more than worth it....
Posted on Money Talk
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re: Officers salute retired, terminally ill K9 as it goes to be euthanized - lsewwww
[link=(]LINK[/link] seems to be more and more popular. The good police dogs are unbelievable how skilled and disciplined they are. Homer, LA had a fantastic one about 10 years ago....
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re: How to get a puppy to stop jumping/biting - lsewwww
what oleyller said. This works remarkably well...
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re: Strangest death of someone you know - lsewwww
I won't go into details about where or when but when I was farming some things I saw (some repeatedly) were: 1. silo gas killing 2 brothers and one of their sons. One guy collapses, next guy goes to save him and succumbs and so on.... 2. patriarch of family falls into mixer wagon early one morn...
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re: Got any funny roommate/college stories? - lsewwww
Freshman year roommate used to wait til he thought I was asleep and "then snap one off". We had bunk beds and I was the top guy and the whole bed would shake. Believe it or not, he was the best roommate ever. Let me drive his Mustang and I almost wrapped it around a tree one night. ...
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re: Ever walked out of an interview? - lsewwww
I drove 7 hours one way for an interview on my own coin. Took one of my 10 free days per year off from the internship. I get there, he shows me around the office, sits me down and says he would never hire someone that did an internship and he is going to hire a same year graduate with "real worl...
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re: Janis Joplin was such a hack - lsewwww
[quote] Faced with a ten-hour wait after arriving at the backstage area, she shot heroin[5][6] with Caserta and was drinking alcohol, so by the time she hit the stage, she was "three sheets to the wind".[2] Joplin took the stage following Creedence Clearwater Revival. On stage her voice became sligh...
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re: Dog - disc herniated in back from jump, Updated, bad. - lsewwww
If it got worse fast, you have (had) 2 options- surgery which is about 7k, or waiting like your vet said. When the back legs stop working and were working, its surgery time, especailly within 24 hours. Success of surgery drops the longer things go...
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re: Is the Coast Guard neglected as a military branch? - lsewwww
There's only one. But way to be disrespectful of that one. He must have just got lucky...... ...
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