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Favorite team:LSU 
Location:Alberta, overlooking B.C.
Number of Posts:151
Registered on:1/6/2009
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Tony Dungy HOF? - Ghost of Colby
Sorry, but I don't get it. Good coach, but when other coaches such as Jimmy Johnson aren't in I have no idea why Dungy deserves it. Is it as more or a career induction as a player, coach, commentator?...
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re: The Expanse - Ghost of Colby
He was referencing the remake of Battlestar Gallatica. Probably want to check it out if you think The Expanse is great. ...
Posted on Movie/TV Board
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re: Lashley's visit - Ghost of Colby
Lashley interests me as well. He's an example of a big recruit that doesn't generate much buzz because he is considered a lock to a school. He committed to MSU last Spring, but almost immediately de-committed stating it was still early & wanted to keep his options open. He has continued to remain a ...
Posted on LSU Recruiting
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re: Can we have extra mod attention on recruiting boardfor these last few days - Ghost of Colby
The Muddbone thread needs to be cleaned up or whacked. ...
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re: Ole Miss folks, why on earth isn't the RB Pennamon ranked higher? - Ghost of Colby
This guy scares me as an LSU fan. If Sumlin survives the next couple of years & develops a QB, then this is the type of RB that can gash for big yardage in the Sumlin/aTm offense. But, LSU's D will be different with Aranda, so it may not be as vulnerable to this type of back as it would have been un...
Posted on SEC Recruiting
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re: Who is the best NFL QB to come out of the Big 12 in the last 25 years? - Ghost of Colby
The style of the Big 12 offenses produce big passing numbers in college, but doesn't prepare the QBs for the NFL. Interestingly, the Big 12 has produced some great NFL running backs. The SEC has been on a run of having great college RBs over the last few years, but they can't come close to the tal...
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re: Who is registering their drone? - Ghost of Colby
[quote]I didn't know that had been signed into law yet.[/quote] It isn't a new law. It's a new regulation by the FAA. ...
Posted on O-T Lounge
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re: FBI officially Investigating California shooting as a act of terrorism - Ghost of Colby
The 3rd guy detained was spotted running from the area of the SUV while the shootout was occurring. I'm guessing he had nothing to do with it, just trying to get away from the shooting. ...
Posted on O-T Lounge
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re: Gamecocks potentially looking at Lincoln Riley - Ghost of Colby
How is he as a recruiter? He was at E Carolina for several years, so should be familiar with the area. In other words, could his recruiting abilitiy & coaching recently in the area negate concerns over his age & inexperience. I know OU fans think highly of him. ...
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re: What we think about Major Applewhite as OC? - Ghost of Colby
Put yourself in Applewhite's shoes. He can stay by side of one of the hottest up & coming coaches right now, or accept a job at LSU, the graveyard of OCs. No way would I accept LSU. He might even get the Houston HC job when Herman leaves....
Posted on Tiger Rant
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re: My bet is Josh Henson for OC - Ghost of Colby
My fear. Missouri's O was a special kind of inept this year. LSU & FL have looked bad the last few weeks, but Mizzou has been below that for most of the year. ...
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re: Dog Surgery - Knee - Ghost of Colby
Be careful. My dog did the same thing several years ago. About a year after her injury, she actually tore her ACL. The vet said it was really shredded once he operated & believed the initial sprain might have been a partial tear because of the damage he saw when operating. She recovered well & had b...
Posted on O-T Lounge
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re: Check Here To See if You Have Issues With Your State of Louisiana Auto Insurance - Ghost of Colby
I know a number of people who moved away, then back to Louisiana over the last few years & all of them had issues when getting their new LA driver's license once they returned to LA. They moved to a new state, then obtained new license plates, DL, and insurance in the new state. However, the State...
Posted on O-T Lounge
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re: What in the world is going down in Waco? (Update: Player found guilty of sexual assault) - Ghost of Colby
I think you're viewing the Petersen-Briles conversation from the wrong perspective. You seem to believe Petersen helped find Sam U a school closer to home once he left Boise. Almost like Petersen put a call into Baylor & told Briles he had a kid that was leaving the team to be closer to home. "He's ...
Posted on More Sports
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re: Is Bill Snyder the most underrated coach of all time? - Ghost of Colby
[quote]I remember the days when K'State was the worst team in Div I[/quote] Snyder didn't have a coach or two before him that elevated KSU from the basement to respectability. He did it all himself, retired, watched them slide back into irrelevancy, came back at 70+ years old & has them back as a l...
Posted on More Sports
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re: Alexander The Great and info on his twin brothers - UPDATE pg 54 and OP - Ghost of Colby
Dammit. I'm away from this thread for a little over a day and I come back to horrible news. Thoughts & prayers with your family 88. I'm sure Alexander's memory & spirit will save many lives. ...
Posted on O-T Lounge
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re: UL football team to honor Mickey Shunick with decal on helmets - Ghost of Colby
[quote]Not to pollute the nice gesture, but what about the other victims of violent and random crimes? Is it because she's young and white, and "attractive"?[/quote] Maybe because she was a student of ULL? (Yellowfin beat me to it) :cheers:...
Posted on O-T Lounge
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re: Baltimore Orioles call up SS Manny Machado - Ghost of Colby
This makes no sense, but he has been hot & cold. Who knows? Maybe he will get hot & this will look like a genius move until he cools down and hits 210/245/502 in September. ...
Posted on More Sports
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