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Favorite team:LSU 
Interests:Full Contact Tiddlywinks
Occupation:Engineering Manager
Number of Posts:29
Registered on:8/30/2004
Online Status:Not Online

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re: USSC to Birther: your suit is frivolous - Old & Wise Tiger
So the proof provided is inacurate. Obama's father's race can't be African. Africa is a continent and not a race. Charlize Theron is an African. I am not a lawyer but can't someone challenge this based on the fact its proven at least part of it is not accurate? I believe Obama is a US citize...
Posted on Political Talk
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re: NASA question - Old & Wise Tiger
Depends on where they are in the process. You have to mate the Exteranl tank, solid rocket motors and the shuttle. That takes a while. (A month or so) If the Space Shuttle is sitting on the launch pad at the T-6 Hour point of the countdown it would take about 12 hours to fill the External Tan...
Posted on O-T Lounge
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re: Is Obama's citizenship fiasco dead? - Old & Wise Tiger
My guess is this is a bunch of BS and Obama is a citizen, but I have a question. The document released shows his fathers race as African. This is incorrect. Your race can't be a country. It would be like saying my race is American. In 1961 the term used would have been negro. So either...
Posted on Political Talk
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re: Anyone see - Old & Wise Tiger
This is basically what they do now. Every team plays at least 12 games, some 13 and the two most deserving teams play for the NC. This just adds one more game. Who determines which two teams are the most deserving afgter your BCS bowl games? Sounds to me like the AP / sportswriters w...
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: Why isn't in vitro fertilization as hot of a topic as.. - Old & Wise Tiger
In vitro was developed without government funding. Ted Kennedy pushed though a bill in 1974 that in effect stopped the government funding. Stem cell research isn't against the law. It just isn't government funded. So if in vitro can be developed without government money why does stem cell resear...
Posted on Political Talk
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re: What is seriously wrong with taxing the rich? - Old & Wise Tiger
[quote]The top half of wage earners pay almost all the taxes already.[/quote] Correct. The top 50% pay 97% of all income taxes. BTW - The top 10% pay 70% of all income taxes. To be in the top 10% you have to make just over 100K a year....
Posted on Political Talk
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Election Night - Old & Wise Tiger
Since Barack is so behind the “redistribution of wealth”. What are the chances on election night he says “More people have voted for me than John McCain and we need to equalize my wealth and his. I am therefore giving some of my votes to him to make us even....
Posted on Political Talk
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re: Pac-10 racking up the losses against out-of-conference teams - Old & Wise Tiger
[quote]We have to play #9 Auburn, #2 Georgia, #4 Florida, #11 Alabama. [/quote][quote]USC has to play #5 Ohio State, #16 Oregon, #15 Ariz State and #23 California.[/quote] To bring this up to the 9/15 AP Rankings. LSU Plays (3)Georgia, (4)Florida, (9)Auburn and (10)Alabama USC Plays(ed)...
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: Comparing Obama's experience to Palin's - Old & Wise Tiger
Palin is the only candidate in the race who can claim commander and chief status of the military. As governer of Alaska she is the commander and chief of the alaska national guard. ...
Posted on Political Talk
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re: As a veteran, B.O. should have talked to troops: - Old & Wise Tiger
[quote]If not, why not if we expect Obama to never pass up an opportunity to stop at any place injured veterans or soldiers are at?[/quote] [quote]"Nobody denied Senator Obama the opportunity to visit our wounded being cared for at Landstuhl. Obviously, as a sitting senator, he has an interest in...
Posted on Political Talk
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re: USC not LSU real nation champion for 03-04 season? - Old & Wise Tiger
Based on final AP rankings for 2003. USC played two games against teams ranked in the top 25, Michigan (6) and Washington State (9) and won both. They lost to an unranked Cal team. LSU played five games against teams ranked in the top 25, Oklahoma (3) Georgia (7 - played them twice) Miss...
Posted on SEC Rant
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Jameis Winston Recruiting La'el Collins To Tampa
Teams are starting to push hard for Collins now.
Report: Rex Ryan Meets With La’el Collins
Ryan was in Baton Rouge on Monday night.
Updated College Baseball Polls: 5/4/15
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