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Favorite team:Alabama 
Location:Lane Train
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Registered on:1/24/2007
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re: 18th win vs top 10 opponent since 2007 - BamaDude06
[quote]What's the overall record?[/quote] Against teams ranked in the AP top 10 the day the game was played: 18-8....
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re: Speculating about game day guest picker. - BamaDude06
[quote]Jake Peavy - LSU at Alabama (baseball player from Alabama, turned down Auburn to go pro. Nothing to do with UA) [/quote] He's a lifelong Alabama fan. He only committed to Auburn because they offered him a full ride and Jim Wells offered him a book scholarship. ...
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re: Birmingham City Council has raised minimum wage - BamaDude06
[quote]How can individual cities do this and what is the penalty if McDonald's doesn't comply? ETA: I thought wage regulation was a federal thing? [/quote] Cities and states can set their own minimum wages, they just can't be lower than the federal wage, currently $7.25/h. Washington current...
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re: Why is Finebaum on both B'ham sports radio stations? - BamaDude06
IIRC, JOX wanted to air Finebaum, but they were required to be an ESPN affiliate, and they had just switched to CBS Sports. So they are able to air the show as long as they also own a ESPN Radio affiliate, which 100.5 is....
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re: Dexter - BamaDude06
[quote]Been watching Dexter and didn't realize that it was based on Novels. I like the show I'm on season 6. Has anyone read the books and are they worth the read?[/quote] Read the first two. Season One is based on the first book. The second book is....interesting. I don't know if Showtime could ...
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re: First drive of the SECCG - BamaDude06
Yes [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]...
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re: Alabama Gymnastics begins the fight to shock the world. - BamaDude06
[quote]I do care but "shock the world" is a little over the top for a team that competes for gymnastics titles every year dont you think?[/quote] They've been ranked no higher than 5 this season, had their first home loss since 2009 and multiple home loses in 15+ years, including being dominated ...
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re: Fire everyone. Today has been a horrible day for Bama sports - BamaDude06
[quote]I guess this is what it'll take for the University to allow them to sell some merchandise again. Still pissed I can't get a jersey.[/quote] You will never convince me that Bill Battle is NOT the reason for that. Wish we would have actually hired a "real" AD instead for a multi-year placeho...
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re: Bill introduced in Alabama Legislature to restructure UA BoT - BamaDude06
[quote]Well as a fan of UA, that makes sense. For a board purporting to equally care about all the universities in the system, it does not.[/quote] So you support AUM being treated as an equal to AU then, right? Let's get them their own BOT too, since non of theirs has a degree from AUM....
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re: Possible coaching candidates - BamaDude06
[quote]No different from Grant when we hired him IMO. Mid Major is very different IMO. If he can recruit im all for it.[/quote] How many coaches DON'T coach at a mid major before they get a big time job? There are 12 active head coaches with a ring. -Six coached at a mid major prior to coach...
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re: First thing you'd want the new basketball coach to do - BamaDude06
Market the program to fans, recruits, high school coaches, etc. Get people excited for basketball again. Winning works as well....
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re: Bruce Pearl Working on Multi-Year Contract to Play UAB - BamaDude06
[quote]Alabama has always avoided playing UAB in any sport, anywhere, or anytime.[/quote] When did baseball, softball, soccer, tennis, volleyball, etc. cease to exists as sports? UA and UAB played/will play in all of those sports this academic year. I was told about this last summer by someo...
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: Thoughts on the 30 second shot clock thus far in the NIT? - BamaDude06
[quote]Aren't they also using the 4 foot arc?[/quote] Yes....
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re: Better program Bama football or Kentucky Basketball? - BamaDude06
[quote]Most of Bama's MNCs were purely objective and even the recent ones [b]largely involved tons of luck.[/b][/quote] See Auburn 2010 and their runner up 2013 season for great examples. :rotflmao:...
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: Florida Basketball: Worst Collapse Since.... - BamaDude06
[quote]If a down year is a losing record, it hasn't happened to Mike Anderson yet.[/quote] Florida has also played a much harder non conference schedule the past four years than Arkansas has. This year alone Arkansas played Wake Forest, Iowa State, Clemson, and I'll give you SMU since they ar...
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re: You have more NFL earnings potential if you go play at Tennessee - BamaDude06
This thread shows the importance of removing outliers when using statistics. Anyone that took Stats 260 at UA in the past decade should know the football example you go over in that class :lol:...
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re: Old sec scheduling policies. - BamaDude06
[quote]Bama made sure State was on the schedule[/quote] Yeah how dare the two closest schools schedule each other regularly. :rolleyes:...
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re: Huge upset in SGA president race tonight - BamaDude06
Block seating at football games is one thing SGA has really kept going. Maybe that will change. Eventually....
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re: Butch Jones channels his inner Drake with a message to tSEC - BamaDude06
[quote]IIRC, you have played Rocky Top at every single one of the past five straight losses to UGA[/quote] Seriously. I sat next to their band at the 2011 Bama/UT game and had it stuck in my head for a week they played it so much. Bama won 37-6 :rotflmao:...
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re: Seriously what even happened with the Yahoo sports article on bama - BamaDude06
[quote]Pat White claimining he was given a 30 or 40 thousand dollar car by bammer boosters[/quote] [quote]There's just one problem with White's Bama takedown. According to Rivals he didn't have an offer from Alabama. Of course, Rivals is not infallible when it comes to recruiting offers, so maybe...
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