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Favorite team:Alabama 
Location:Lane Train
Number of Posts:2245
Registered on:1/24/2007
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re: Big 12 commissioner: CFB administrators might not allow some bowls to be played - BamaDude06
[quote]How many people actually watch the Birmingham Bowl?[/quote] [quote]ESPN is who is driving these new bowls. They own them, and playing them on a random Tuesday in the middle of December gets them a lot better rating than say playing a repeat of the World Series of Poker or a repeat 30 for 30....
Posted on More Sports
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re: Oh boy Bama fans won't like this guy - BamaDude06
Cowherd also said Auburn would go back to back in 2013-14. They are 14-12 since he said that. :rotflmao:...
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: How do you plan to watch Florida play in Sugar Bowl? - BamaDude06
[quote]The Sugar Bowl is SEC 1 vs Big 12 1. [/quote] This. In years when it is not a semi final game (this season and next season), it is guaranteed to be SEC vs Big 12. Assuming Alabama and Oklahoma make the playoff, it will be SEC 2 vs Big 12 2. Ole Miss will probably be higher ranked and not c...
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: So...what was up with the WET field - BamaDude06
[quote]Isn't using that jumbotron like that illegal?[/quote] Minnesota uses this: [img][/img] I imagine if enough teams start doing it the NCAA (or SEC) will pass a rule against it. ...
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re: Has any other coach had sent this many player to N.Y. for the Heisman? - BamaDude06
[quote]For Meyer do we count all 3 times Tebow went?[/quote] I guess you can, but if he had not been a previous winner he would not have even been invited to New York in 2009. He was so far behind 4th place Suh it isn't funny....
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re: Enjoy the Auburn announcers melt - BamaDude06
The video was posted by an Auburn fan that was clearly thinking everyone would agree with Rod and Stan. That backfired....
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re: Coker's incredible TD pass - BamaDude06
[quote]ETA: I don't know if that wheel route was on Coker or not. I believe Stewart was open down field, Stewart realized this and Coker still threw it short rather than looking down field. [/quote] IIRC, that was a 3rd down play. ArDarius has to know we need to get the 1st down....
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re: Our SEC championship fate determined by this play - BamaDude06
[quote]Alabama is lucky as shite.[/quote] No kidding. Wish we could be like Florida and win all our national championships without luck/having other teams ahead of us lose/ getting a rematch in New Orleans....
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: Can we agree that Sumlin is vastly overrated now - BamaDude06
It's amazing what ONE win over Alabama got that man. :lol: :wah:...
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: Avery Johnson is clearly the worst hire in the SEC last last year - BamaDude06
[quote]already has a 30 point loss and on the way to a 20 point loss today.[/quote] On the road to a team that returned virtually every play from last season and to a ranked team. The horror. It's not like Alabama lost their top 3 scorers from last year....
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: Nearly 40 FSU players have been accused of sexual assault under Jimbo and Bowden - BamaDude06
[quote]Jimbo is a Saban guy. He probably doesn't have much integrity[/quote] Funny how he actually was an assistant for Terry Bowden at Auburn for a longer time....
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: "We should have put 60 on them." Malzahn regarding last year's iron bowl - BamaDude06
[quote]Auburn has shredded them the last 2 years.[/quote] Our defense actually played fairly well in 2013 all things considered. We held them over 100 yards below their season average and 12.5 pts below their season average. Terrible play calling and poor kicking lost that game....
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re: Is game televised? - BamaDude06
[quote]two Daves will be calling the game[/quote] What happened to Dave #3? Is he aight?...
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re: When was the last time the Iron Bowl boot was on the other foot? - BamaDude06
[quote]2006. Knew good and damn well we wouldn't win.[/quote] Still pissed Shula accepted a personal foul penalty on Bama's first TD to go for two even though we trailed 14-9 in the 2nd quarter :banghead:...
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re: Ed Feng of Bleacher Report predicts Alabama will be #1 in this weeks CFP Ranking - BamaDude06
[quote]Just dont see us jumping OSU as long as they are undefeated.[/quote] We are currently ahead of them in the CFP rankings. Remember they also seeded Alabama and Oregon ahead of undefeated FSU last year too....
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re: LSU has never won a national title outside of LA - BamaDude06
[quote]We would have kicked USC's asses anywhere/anytime back in '03. But it doesn't matter anymore, because they cheated.[/quote] The Reggie Bush stuff happened at the end of 2004 season....
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: So it appears that Lane Kiffin interviewed for the Maryland Job - BamaDude06
[quote]An ACC job[/quote] B1G job. Same division as Ohio St, Michigan, Michigan St, and Penn State. Tough place to build a program....
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re: Mississippi St wins by 17 - BamaDude06
[quote]Great against the run (see L5U), Awful against the pass (see OM).[/quote] Alabama wasn't terrible against the pass against OM. Ole Miss had a 66 yard TD pass on a tipped pass and a 73 yard TD pass where a DB came up to make a tackle on what looked to be a QB run (with lineman downfield) an...
Posted on SEC Rant
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re: Oh how good it control our own destiny - BamaDude06
[quote]I doubt we jump an undefeated Clemson. People love an undefeated ACC team for some reason.[/quote] We did last year with FSU. I doubt we make it to #1 by winning out, but I would be surprised if undefeated Clemson is #1 in the playoff if Ohio State or Baylor finished undefeated....
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re: Interesting thought - BamaDude06
[quote]Interesting thought[/quote] If LSU isn't gift wrapped a NC in 2007 (let's be honest no other 2 loss team has ever won a championship) and Les Miles has zero titles, would he still be LSU's coach?...
Posted on SEC Rant
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