These two young South Carolina fans/students punked Clemson head football coach Dabo Swinney by posing with him and throwing up four fingers without him knowing. If you’re a University of South Carolina fan you already know the four fingers symbolize the Gamecocks’ four consecutive victories over Swinney’s Tigers. Here's what the teacher who took the picture said...

“Two of my students met Dat Boy today, acted like they were his friend and punked him!” “Priceless!”

“What makes it sweeter is that idiot Dabo is clueless,” our source for the photo told us. “Just like normal.”

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Is that Bobby Hill?
Reply49 months
very disrespectful and not cool. And yes this teacher whomever he or she is is the worst for doing this and making those kind of comments.
Reply49 months
All I can say is if those quotes can truly be attributed to the kids' teacher we are more screwed than I realized. She is the trashy one I'm concerned about.
Reply49 months
Lulz at all the Dabo knighting. Dabo is a douche that likes to show up others, so frick him.
Reply49 months
You can call it playful if you want, but promoting kids being punks to adults is a hallmark of trailer trash. Its akin to having a kid curse at you. They're not yours so you can't exactly do anything to them, except taking comfort in the fact they'll probably be living in a house with wheels for the rest of their lives.
Reply49 months
Dabo is a good person. You may not like his team or the way he goes nuts on the sideline when his team wins,but these two punk kids took advantage of a coach who was trying to be nice.
Reply49 months
cool story larry
Reply49 months
@Gorillacoco...burning couches and banging their sisters? I think you're lost,sir...this is not a discussion regarding Kentucky fans.
Reply49 months
Gorillacoco, yeah this was super trashy. Kids playfully holding up 4 fingers with a rival coach. Totally unclassy.
Reply49 months
basically all these kids did was show the trashy side of the SC fanbase. congrats kids (& parents) on being white trash. they should have a lot to look forward to in life, like burning couches and banging their sisters.
Reply49 months
Reply49 months
You are a moron if you allow your kids to disrespect ANYONE at that age......especially a respected successful man that their father cannot measure up to...
Reply49 months
What we should do is paint a hand with 4 fingers showing, then one next to it with the thumbs up sign saying "Fear the thumb" on their football field as payback for that ridiculously sad paw print they painted on our field a couple of weeks ago. OH wait...we're Gamecocks. We don't have to resort to vandalizing property illegally...we just handle business on the field when we beat them at the end of the year.
Reply49 months
Kids are hitting adolescence way too soon and staying adolescent way too long.
Reply49 months
Yeah, take THAT mr guy-who-is-willing-to-take-a-picture-with-fans.
Reply49 months
They showed Dabo, wow.
Reply49 months
Honestly, all 3 of them look kinda slow.
Reply49 months
Now I know why tigers eat their young.
Reply49 months
Man, they really got him.
Reply49 months
Well of course Dabo is clueless about it, he was behind them and they put the fingers up in front of their chests where he couldn't see them. I'm all for making of Dabo but its stupid to call him an idiot for not seeing something when no one else would've seen it either if they were standing where he was. Just use common sense people, jeez.
Reply49 months
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