Michael Lombardi, the NFL Network commentator, is rumored to be a candidate for GM in Cleveland, according to Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe. Tom Heckert is the current GM in Cleveland, hired by Mike Holmgren in 2010. However, with new ownership buying the team, Joe Banner coming in as president, and Holmgren leaving, change could be in the works. And if Lombardi is chosen, well, according to Bedard, it could be to get Nick Saban to return to the NFL...

According to the NFL sources, Saban has let it be known that if he returns to the NFL — where he flopped, going 15-17 with the Dolphins from 2005-06 — it would likely be with Lombardi playing Pioli to his Belichick.

One of Saban’s many missteps in Miami — the first being that he accepted a job he really didn’t want — was hiring a general manager in Randy Mueller who did not know the Belichick personnel system. Mueller, who was a good personnel man when running his own ship with the Saints, had to learn Saban’s system on the fly, and it never really clicked.
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Merry Christmas GUMPS! NO WAY, NO WAY, NO WAY he could leave. Well, he will. LSU could have paid him whatever, could have given him whatever just like you think you can. He could have won 5 titles by now at LSU. He wants the challenge and he is going to the pros.

After he flops in the Pros, he returns to NCAA to coach AUBURN!
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jdg91878....your coach got blown out 21- ZERO in the BCSNCG did you forget about that? Also anyone from your great state calling anyone a "redneck" is funny...say hello to the "Swamp People" for me.
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Saban will only take a team that is in shambles with several losing seasons with a demoralized fan base. This type of scenario allows him to quickly implement his system getting quick results. Cleveland fits that bill but so did Miami. He won't venture back into the NFL unless he has complete control which I'm guessing Cleveland is desperate to give him. His coach speak of talking down to the media, fans, players and personnel only works in this type of situation. Saban would never take a job without this type of scenario and never has.
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I guarantee you, if the Browns offered saban 10 million, Alabama boosters would match it to keep him.

If Saban leaves, it will not be for money... it will be for the challenge.
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Lsu is getting more value you idiot. While it's all about claiming illegitimate titles to your redneck fan base, in the real works it's about the $. And Lsu was 3rd in football generating revenue in the last report from USA today while bama is 5th. Are you still with me?
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Les is working out fine. Over 80% wins and 2 sec titles in 8 seasons. All this without the benefit of biased scheduling, paid off corrupt voters, or biased officiating.
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If he didn't want the Miami job, why did he accept it?
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Hey moreforles....Alabama could pay 10 mil a year and still be getting their moneys worth, are you getting what you have paid for with lester?
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hey would be saban's 3rd NC at bama if he wins this year, not second.
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Saban can only win with players advantage, he can't win in NFL where there is parity in talent. He has to have huge talent advantage to win, otherwise, he just an ordinary coach.
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It's Over. Alabama's Done.
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It's over. Saban's finished.
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For $7.5 Million and virtually complete control of the operations, Nicky is not above leaving.

If he wins his second Championship this year at Bama, there is not much left for him to accomplish. I beat he is gone if they beat the Irish and he gets the offer from Cleveland.
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Care to share what kind of connection your "source" has to the situation, JP?
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The only thing worse than $abun winning at bama is him winning in the NFL. Leave him where he is. I just want someone to force the gumps to pay 10 mil per year. lmfao
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from what I hear, it's a done deal....$7.5mil per year contract for Saban with the Browns.
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If he had taken Drew Brees, he would probably still be in the NFL. With his ego, it has to kill him the with the number of Super Bowls that Belichick has won.
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Adios Nicky!
Reply55 months
he gone
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