When Alabama's Nick Saban returned from Spring Break for practice he was his usual snarky, charming self. When a reporter asked about his defensive line depth he used the word "appears" and well, Nicky didn't like that. Here's the quote, video below...

Reporter: “Nick, you have what appears to be quality depth along the defensive line. Just wondering how you would access that group thus far.”

Saban: “Why would you… we lost two starters there, is that right? What does ‘appear’ mean? Does it mean you dreamed about it and it’s just there?”

Reporter: “It looks like on paper…”

Saban: “On paper? What it looks like on paper? We’ve never seen these guys play or seen them take on an SEC lineman or anything like that but it appears? I like that… ‘it appears.’ So that’s how we form public opinion because something ‘appears’ that way so we make it that way and then everybody believes it that way.
Jump to the 5:13 mark to see it...

It "appears" you're a jerk, coach.
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lol at Cecil being extra careful at the way he asked the next question .

Appears is a whole lot like Assume .

Hes a dick but so am I and I love him .Most of you whiny frickers would give a leg to have him as your coach.
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That Saban attitude is why he didn't make it in the pros too!
Reply43 months
Saban is a pompous ass.
Reply43 months
Nick is a dickhole. The above poster is correct in that this is the only way the midget can act an arse and not get his face rearranged.
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i don't really care for Saban, but he's right. If he lost two starters a D the other guys haven't even taken a snap against an SEC team, then it more than likely shows that that could be a weakness, or at the very least a problem area.
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Douche gon douche.
Reply43 months
It appears as if Auburn kicked your ass
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Appears- seem; give the impression of being.


seem to be, look to be, give the impression of being, come across as being, strike someone as being

Yes the reportor was right to ask the question this is just how a midget gets to pick on a person and not get the shite kicked out of him.
Reply43 months
:lol: Nice. And he's exactly right.
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Reply43 months
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