Four-star Texas A&M TE recruit Jordan Davis is not a Texas fan. Davis posted texts of a Texas coach’s attempt to get him to visit Austin...
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Mulerider looks like a dumbass now.
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The coach sounds like a horny 10 year old. Terrible texting technique. Who double text after only 20 min?
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jesus cajun are hornsessed
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A&M will be 8-4??? Johnny is gone and the real Kevin Sumlin (formerly known as Gene Chizik) will be back. Gene rode Cam's coat tails and Kevin rode Johnny's. The most overrated coach in America resides in College Station.
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What a bitch move by the kid! Doesn't surprise me's the same type of kid that would post he didn't visit somewhere cause they were showing him any love...
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JumpingTheShark - 18 hours ago

"We wasn't planning on it." How hard is it to speak fricking English?

Kind of a dick move on the kid's part."

Yeah, I agree. Recruiters recruit, it's their job. He wasn't poor-mouthing another school, he was just wanting the kid to come visit. This served no good purpose.
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I should say twitter or texting.
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I am not too surprised at the grammar used. Twitter lends itself to poor use, and when you grow up in a household where the parents can't speak or write well, then you often are the same, simply because its not a priority.

hence the kids come off looking like retards.
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Texas coach looks like a desperate dude texting a chick way out of his league.
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We Run This State
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Baylor is better than both programs anyway.
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texas wont be worldbeaters or have a good record this season, no matter how A&M does they aren't moving up any time soon

A&M will be an 8-4 team this year and win a bowl. Our record should be better than theirs. Our defense will be much improved this year and we'll still rack up yds and pts no matter who the QB is.
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The clock is ticking on A&M. If they have a mediocre season or a bad season Texas will be right back into getting kids back to Austin.
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Kids today think it's cool to use really shifty grammar. The shiftier your grammar the cooler you are
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"We wasn't planning on it." How hard is it to speak fricking English?
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The switch has been flipped and A&M runs the state right now and will until Sumlin leaves at least. whorns might go through 2-3 coaches in that time. A&M looks to have a death grip on state of Texas recruiting for the foreseeable future.

Maybe if texas goes to the Pac 16 and A&M goes through a down cycle they might climb back in, but long term I still dont see that as a better option for commits than SEC and playing in central and eastern timezones and in the best league with best pipeline to NFL and against the best players and the highest visibility.

We'll all talk about texas like Notre Dame - they used to be good but those days of their built-in advantages are over.
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Well spoken young man.
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