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Auburn fans are now targeting LB Rashaan Evans' parents and their store by boycotting it because the star recruit chose Alabama over the Tigers. Now Rahshaan’s father Alan has fired back at the angry Auburn fanbase. Per, Evans said...

“It’s kind of disturbing to know that it’s such a thin line between love and hate,” Alan said. “A couple weeks ago before he made his decision, Auburn was handing him the keys to the kingdom when they thought he was a lock. Now they want to crucify Rashaan and his family because he wanted to do what he thought was best for him and his future.”

“I don’t spend time on message boards but I was made aware by some friends of posts on several Auburn message boards calling for a boycott of our business,” he said. “It’s shocking and hurtful to find out people who used to support us have decided to try and hurt us simply because our son chose to attend a different school than the one they root for.”

“I don’t agree with the people who say this kind of thing comes with the territory,” he said. “I understand that fans say outrageous things to almost every high-profile recruit, but very rarely do they have to endure the things that Rashaan is going through. They aren’t just saying negative things to him on Twitter. They are trying to hurt him and his family by having a negative impact on our livelihood.

“I understand that people in this state take football very seriously and that’s part of what makes it exciting, but when you start trying to hurt other people because of this game, you need to take a step back and think about what’s going on. I guess the thing I would ask most of the people writing these hurtful things is how would you feel if this were your child? Why do you feel the need to heap all this negativity onto a young man who is just beginning his life? I think if people asked themselves those questions, they might think twice before writing some of these things they’ve written. You can do a lot of harm with the words you put out there and I hope people think about that.”

“I’m so glad that where thousands of Auburn fans have thrown my family away and ridiculed and scandalized our name, called us everything but a child of God, thousands of Alabama fans have embraced us and welcomed us to the Capstone,” he said. “They have called us and let us know personally that they stand behind Rashaan and his family and awaiting his arrival to the University of Alabama.”
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Rashaan and his family feel they have the right to do as they please. So do Auburn fans. Suck it up.
Reply44 months
Wrf did he think was going to happen???
Reply44 months
Alan was closing the store before his son committed to Alabama. This is nothing more than a publicity stunt orchestrated by the classless university in West Vance
Reply44 months
The title of this article would be more appropriately as follows: "Auburn Fans Call Out Rashaan Evans by Boycotting Family Store." Media bias, at its best.
Reply44 months
The Evans need to move on. Rashaan made a spectacle of himself and the process of recruiting especially the debacle of a birthday party for his grandfather. Invite Malzahn and Kirby Smart to the same party IN AUBURN, then hold a press conference IN AUBURN and announce you are going to Bama. Yeah, Rashaan you made a decision thats yours to make. I respect that, but the way you went about it upset people. So everybody needs to quit their bitching, including the Evans. I personally think the Evans would be happier if they moved away from Auburn to put some distance to the issue. T-Town seems perfect.

Reply44 months
Stab your hometown in the back and then cry about the reaction? They just became bigger dips**ts. I'm old school and I believe in loyalty even if the hometown team was Vandy. They'll get what they deserve.
Reply44 months
Jeez the whining. from Alan Evans continues... Like this comes as a surprise in a state as football crazy as Alabama. Grow a pair Alan and hope your son has a set because he is going to need them as long as he lives in bama.
Reply44 months
"Whatever it takes"
Nick Saban to Red Elephant Club.

What did you really expect? A hug.
Reply44 months
What the dad doesn't get is that people have a right to spend or not to spend (with the exception of healthcare now anyway) their money where and when they decide based on criteria of their choosing. If they spend money elsewhere because he wears a plaid shirt it is their right. There is no right or wrong, only personal freedom.
Reply44 months
Did he ever stop to think that maybe he had a succesful business to begin with is because the people wanted to support a future Auburn commit and his family?
Reply44 months
I hope that they factored that his decisions would have repercussions and could affect the family business. I'm sure it was and this is an attempt to grab some more headlines.

What kind of business is it? I didn't give them a click.
Reply44 months
I can't remember what player said it, but this dad and his kid need to understand it. Just a paraphrase but "you don't pick a college just for the next 4 years, you pick a college for the rest of your life." He made the choice to go somewhere that was hated by where they live, now they have to deal with that choice.
Reply44 months
I hope they boycott it til he has to close up shop.
Reply44 months
I understand what he is saying. It's the mans business and his way of life, which is, no matter how you cut it, more important than any football game will ever be. IMO this mentality that the auburn fans posses is along the same lines as the alabama fan that shot someone for not being upset enough.
Reply44 months
i'm not sure of what was said on the message board, but did they expect the locals to throw their support at the store after he committed last minute to bama of all teams?
Reply44 months
I wonder what rashaan and his daddy are gonna do next week to stay in the media limelight?

Go out in a dress with no underwear?

Come out as gay like Michael sam?

He is a media whore.
Reply44 months
At least they have not burned it down. ,.......yet
Reply44 months
I wouldn't count on the Capstone hanging around if there is an injury.
Reply44 months
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