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re: The Official Gus Johnson Poll


Cons: Used the phrase "crosses over" too much. I'm not even 100% certain what that means in soccer verbiage.
Basketball verbiage, I'm sure.

Pros: He let the game breathe without talking too much, which many American PBPers fail at.
Meh. In comparison to others, yes, but still way too much verbal diarrhea and mistakes with stats and cards.

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re: The Official Gus Johnson Poll
I thought he did an excellent job. Better than any American employed by ESPN. Most American commentators try to mimic their english counterparts, Johnson calls the game with a Latin American gusto. I was expecting him to yell goool! the first time the ball hit the net.
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re: The Official Gus Johnson Poll

Used the phrase "crosses over" too much

I think he meant to say "step over" and mistakingly said that a few times

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re: The Official Gus Johnson Poll
Obviously he doesn't have a real understanding of the game yet, I find that in general soccer fans that are new to the game don't know where to look and what to be aware of and merely follow the ball. He's got some potential but he also seemed to have trouble recognizing players who shot or cleared the ball, which really shouldn't be the case with 2 superclubs. Also, still too much of just calling out players names as they receive the ball.

I think the English announcers do a good job of pointing subtle things out and helping to educate newer fans about to flow of the game, Johnson can't do this because you have to point out these things as they happen (for instance concepts like early passes and crosses and marking, field awareness, etc...) and he likely doesn't recognize them in many cases, atleast not instantly.

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