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re: Champions League to be doubled??
It's too bad dildo Mcgee gayed up this thread with his Celtic garbage, I'd like to hear the boards ideas on what they think should happen to the CL and Europa.

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re: Champions League to be doubled??

You would never see a Malmo, a Steuaa Bucharest or a Red Star Belgrade team make it to the CL Final.

thank god

i say cut the leagues... half the EPL is a waste of time IMO

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re: Champions League to be doubled??

I like the idea of expanding the champions league. No interest in cutting the domestic league though.

Agree about not cutting domestic leagues. I cant see how this is really a possibility (unless individual leagues decide to downsize on their own). The revenue from the number of matches lost would seem to far exceed whatever would be added in CL?

Otherwise, it seems like it could be a good idea.

I'm always a little skeptical about any CL plans (as I am Financial Fair Play) since I don't want to see changes implemented that continue to separate a small handful of super powers from everyone else.

However, I've been one of the posters here most vocal in complaining about Europa League for some time. Something has to be done as it's about as lackluster as it gets.

I've been a proponent of CL changes that included expansion of the qualifying rounds with the extra spots rewarding Europa League success as well as giving an extra qualifying spot or two more to bigger leagues.

If Europa quarterfinalists (or top 16?) achieved staggered entry into the CL the next year, mid-sized clubs wouldn't be forced to choose league races as their only priority when Europa may offer an even better chance at a lucrative CL appearance.

The stark financial reality where, for example, Napoli or Tottenham fans could well be more concerned than happy their subs and prospects advanced in Europa is what makes it such a sham. Well that and UEFA actually ranking leagues by such results.

I'd also be in favor of the bigger leagues getting a couple extra teams into qualifying. I'm all for the little guys but it would just add more compelling matches if a few more well known clubs made it in. Even if some of the smallest clubs may have slightly less chance to make it to group they'd be more likely to have a higher profile club to try to knock off in the preliminary rounds.

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re: Champions League to be doubled??

five Scottish teams could enter at a qualifying round stage.

whoopdie fricking doo

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