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Format post presetation - kennymorgan
Why does the presentation format of the posts change when I login to SEC Rant and SEC recruiting? The format is very difficult to read and posting is very difficult. When I am not logged in, the format is the standard format. I do not have that trouble on Tiger Rant or LSU Recruiting. ...
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Coaching Changes
How bad would it be - kennymorgan
if LSU were to lose Cooper?...
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LSU Recruiting
Good read on BW and Copeland - kennymorgan
This was a huge surprise to all! Brandon Worle was even shocked when asked about it as was his coach. Last night (late last night), he [Copeland] called the media specialist, who is an LSU fan, to ask for a hat. She of course had one for him to borrow. So, his decision changed late last night an...
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SEC Rant
SEC Top Programs - kennymorgan
Congratulations to Alabama, Georgia, LSU, and Florida for their 2010 recruiting efforts. Annually these teams do extremely well in recruiting and this year is no different. All have recruited well and have exceeded most fans expectations. These programs quietly go about the business of recruiting...
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Tiger Rant
Game Link - kennymorgan
Does anyone have a radio link to the game tonight?...
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