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Food and Drink Board
Does Ralph's Supermarket on Jones Creek in Baton Rouge La take food stamps - nuggetsmagicrule
I have an ebt snap benefit card and I am thinking about renting an apartment at ivy park apartments in Baton Rouge on Jones Creek and their is Ralphs supermarket just outside the ivy park apartments. I can walk to the supermarket from my apartment. Does Ralph's supermarket in Baton Rouge accept Lo...

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Movie/TV Board
Parental Guidance started Christmas Day 2012 - nuggetsmagicrule
My friend Amy and I went to see the 4pm show of Parental Guidance at Rave theaters by mall of louisiana on December 26 2012 the day after Christmas. We tried to buy tickets for the 4pm show but they were sold out so we walked inside and bought the popcorn and the drinks along with the candy. We sn...

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Topics By nuggetsmagicrule