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LSU Recruiting Board
I hear Alabama recruiters will be in Many, La on Wednesday. :( (nt) - PapaChief
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SEC Rant
IF Auburn wins the BCS Championshp.... - PapaChief
IF Auburn wins the BCS this means that the SEC has won 5 straight BCS Championships....It means that 5 different SEC teams have won the BCS Championship since it originated in 1998. (Florida(2) LSU(2) Alabama Auburn Tennessee) It means that the SEC is 7-0 in BCS Championship games.....Ne...
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More Sports Board
Indiana Hoosier Basketball=Cellar Dweller - PapaChief
How far has the once proud program sunk. Their 11 conference losses are the most ever and their 17 losses for the season ties the most losses ever in a season, and they have many more losses ahead. Past and present as different as Knight and day. :violin:...
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More Sports Board
Dinardo says stricter scholarship rules hinder Big10 vs. SEC - PapaChief
Article from Columbus, Ohio paper....dated Jan. 3rd. could be Germans[link=(]According to Dinardo[/link]...
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Tiger Rant
Its more than coaching, its also caring. Be proud to be LSU - PapaChief
You can be proud of LSU and its current and past coaches. A couple of months ago, my twin brother was in a Shreveport hospital diagnosed with terminal cancer. He was putting up a great fight, but the disease had just overwhelmed him. Evidently some of his co-workers, in management, I assume...
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