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Best Sandwich Place. - The7Sins
Which Wich is the best sandwich place. That is all....
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OT: Got Ran Over By An SUV - The7Sins
Title says it all. Sunday while out walking an SUV driver who did not stop before going left and was speeding slammed into me. Now I got a broken right knee and severely broken right shoulder. The knee needs to be in a splint and can not walk for 4 - 8 weeks. The shoulder had to have emergency surge...
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Georgia Sports Board
I shall never see Georgia win it all. :C - The7Sins
As of yesterday July 17 2014 the last thing holding me to this plane of existence has been taken from me. I am a mildly schizo unemployed twat with a bad knee and bad back. I have no hope for a real future. So I'm gonna end it now. I would like to thank the SECrant and the Georgia board and its ...
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Chicken (or another Admin) Please Help. - The7Sins
Hello there Chicken sir. I have a bit of a conundrum that has happened occasionally over time. Some people on this site accuse me of being an alter when I'm not. Usually it is because I have a differing opinion from the asses (like wanting Richt fired) or my low post count. I lurk mostly and do no...
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What Are Your Ideal NCAA Conference Alignments? - The7Sins
Hello TD. I ask a question to you all. If you were to be put in charge of who is in what conference what would the landscape look like? Anything you want can be done. Want Alaska Anchorage to be in the SEC? Done! Want Alabama to be in the Conference USA? Yo can do it! Anything you want. Well with ...
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