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SEC Rant
SEC Baseball Scheduling - bas456
Last year, the SEC East finished - 1. South Carolina, 2. Florida, 3. Kentucky. This year, Alabama baseball doesn't play South Carolina, Florida or Kentucky. Last year, the bottom 4 teams in the conference were 9. Georgia, 10. Auburn, 11. Alabama and 12 Tennessee. This year, Alabama baseball star...
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Fantasy Sports Board
Discussion Topic: Can fantasy football be improved? - bas456
I can't think of any major format changes since I started playing. It seems like a major flaw of fantasy football is that most of the 30-35M who play are casual players who disengage when they feel a point deficit is too great to overcome. Have any sites tried anything to account for this? What ...
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More Sports
Black NFL players more likely to be penalized for excessive celebration - bas456
[quote]Livingston first analyzed all of the unsportsmanlike conduct penalties — including the “excessive celebration penalty” — leveled against NFL athletes during the 2010-2011 NFL season. Livingston and Hall found that although the percentage of black and white players in the NFL was 65 percent an...
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