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O-T Lounge
Restoring old road bicycles - Macrell
Anybody ever restored an old bicycle? Seems like a neat project but was just curious at time/cost vs just buying one all ready restored. ...
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More Sports
James Wilder Jr. - Macrell
is his career much different if he chose to play linebacker instead of running back at FSU? dude was a specimen coming out of high school and graded out better at linebacker if I remember correctly....
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Saints Talk
3rd and Lewis - Macrell
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Movie/TV Board
espn or video game commercial - Macrell
Not sure if this belongs here or not but I figured I could get a quick response without too much backlash lol My brother asked me this morning if I remembered a commercial with a “former mlb pitcher” going though an interview in a bowling alley. Dude looked like joe dirt and was talking about ho...
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More Sports
Jerk athletes - Macrell
lance being the vindictive, lying jerk that he is got me to thinking: Who are the biggest jerks in sports history? Right off the top of my head is Ty Cobb. Dude was a mean cuss....
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Food and Drink
Loaded potato casserole - Macrell
I know this is a good substitute for a bunch of baked potatoes so I wanted to see what y'all had. Go!...
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LSU Recruiting
Kendell Beckwith playoff - Macrell
I got a chance to watch Beckwith in action last Friday and came away impressed. He is every bit of 6'3" and 230 lbs. and played qb and about 75% of the time on defense. He threw a really good ball and really brought the wood on defense. Fwiw I played juco ball and was just really impressed by his at...
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