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Saints Talk
Not a Physical team - ebouillion
Offensive line could not handle the physicality of seattle's dline. We couldn't get a push in the running game and were forced to abandon it early. I felt like our receivers were playing scared. Our dline were the only ones i thought that played with some intensity, and it showed, they had a good ga...
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Tiger Rant
Would you rather LSU beat bama and go to Outback bowl or lose and go to sugar? - ebouillion
I know most including me would prefer 14-0, but if you had to choose would you rather LSU beat Bama and go to the Outback bowl, or lose to Bama and go to the Sugar Bowl? I'd rather beat bama, because there are few things i enjoy more then watching LSU beat bama. ...
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LSU Recruiting
Potential walk on? - ebouillion
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Pelicans Talk
Should the Pelicans keep or trade their first round pick? - ebouillion
The Pelicans have a choice this offseason to either stay young and keep rebuilding through draft picks, or try to gain age by adding some veterans. Do you think it is more in their interest to keep our first round pick, or trade it for a proven veteran? Lets just say we have the 5th pick in the draf...
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