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Tiger Rant
Jeremy Hill Hypothetical. - FaSheaux
Nobody knows for certain if he will or if he won't. But if he isn't let back on the team then we have other viable options. [link=(]Micah Eugene was a pretty damn good running back [/link] [link=(]John Diarse comes to mind[/link] [li...
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Movie/TV Board
Wild palms mini series (abc in 1993) - FaSheaux
Anyone remember this gem of a show? i was 9 when it came on but i still remember corey from boy meets world cutting that dudes eyes out! I've seen that it was produced by Oliver stone and directed by Kathleen bigelow. [link=( )]Corey goes hard in ...
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Political Talk
JoshuaChamberlain is a prophetic genius - FaSheaux
[quote]Candyland has been a Unicorn Party™ donor for many years under an "anonymous" online name like many of her colleagues. [b]She will forcefully interrupt Romney as soon as he hits the 2 minutes. She will give President Kardashian more flexibility and will, of course, clear up any points that ma...
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