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Food and Drink
Pig cooker setup-with a motor - badasscat
can any of you guys shed a little light on building a pig cooker with a electric gear motor mounted on top and hang the pig vertically. my cousin has one and i want to build my own, ive found the gearmotor on ebay, but can you hang the weight of a pig off of it with out having some sort of bearing....
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O-T Lounge
Where can i get Greards around here - badasscat
looking for some greards around baton rouge area. Anybody know of a place, anywhere local. ...
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Outdoor Board
Anybody hunt in the Clinton area - badasscat
Serious,does anyone here hunt around the Clinton area? Used to belong to a small lease down Sam Talbot rd a few years ago, im looking for some contact information or any leads to a affordable lease?...
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